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North Canton Cemetery



Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bliss, Abijah  North Canton Cemetery I117012
2 Burr, Violet  North Canton Cemetery I115201
3 Buttles, Hayden  North Canton Cemetery I120828
4 Case, Abiel  North Canton Cemetery I120103
5 Case, Capt. Anson  North Canton Cemetery I117285
6 Case, Bethuel  North Canton Cemetery I120057
7 Case, Chester  North Canton Cemetery I118113
8 Case, Clara Rosabella  North Canton Cemetery I120827
9 Case, Clarissa II  North Canton Cemetery I118357
10 Case, Clarissa  North Canton Cemetery I118757
11 Case, Cynthia  North Canton Cemetery I118761
12 Case, Eli  North Canton Cemetery I117279
13 Case, Joseph  North Canton Cemetery I118262
14 Case, Julia  North Canton Cemetery I118316
15 Case, Louisa  North Canton Cemetery I120949
16 Case, Lowell Mason  North Canton Cemetery I121092
17 Case, Lucinda  North Canton Cemetery I118759
18 Case, Lucius  North Canton Cemetery I120945
19 Case, Malvina R.  North Canton Cemetery I120895
20 Case, Maria  North Canton Cemetery I117016
21 Case, Marshall Wilcox  North Canton Cemetery I126125
22 Case, Mary  North Canton Cemetery I120141
23 Case, Mary E.  North Canton Cemetery I118764
24 Case, Melissa Rachel  North Canton Cemetery I121065
25 Case, Miles  North Canton Cemetery I120140
26 Case, Nelson  North Canton Cemetery I118762
27 Case, Nelson A.  North Canton Cemetery I132142
28 Case, Neri  North Canton Cemetery I117021
29 Case, Noah  North Canton Cemetery I116338
30 Case, Olive  North Canton Cemetery I116344
31 Case, Rachel  North Canton Cemetery I117018
32 Case, Rosalie  North Canton Cemetery I117288
33 Case, Sabra Permelia  North Canton Cemetery I120579
34 Case, Sarah Jane  North Canton Cemetery I118765
35 Case, Watson  North Canton Cemetery I118185
36 Case, William Parsons  North Canton Cemetery I118289
37 Dudley, Ellen Virginia  North Canton Cemetery I131785
38 Goddard, Clemina  North Canton Cemetery I122445
39 Goddard, Mary A.  North Canton Cemetery I120149
40 Mills, Lovisa  North Canton Cemetery I120104
41 Moore, Cynthia  North Canton Cemetery I118263
42 Payne, William Henry  North Canton Cemetery I118296
43 Vining, Horace Case  North Canton Cemetery I118774
44 Wilcox, Julia A.  North Canton Cemetery I120126