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Newport, Newport Co., RI



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bell, Abigail  27 Feb 1736/37Newport, Newport Co., RI I113619
2 Bennett, John  Abt 1652Newport, Newport Co., RI I137698
3 Case, James  1660Newport, Newport Co., RI I113596
4 Case, Penelope  Abt 1672Newport, Newport Co., RI I135217
5 Minkler, Carrie  May 1856Newport, Newport Co., RI I137169
6 Minkler, Charles A.  25 Dec 1852Newport, Newport Co., RI I137170
7 Minkler, Chester Taylor  1 Jul 1882Newport, Newport Co., RI I137269
8 Minkler, Edward Everett  26 Aug 1880Newport, Newport Co., RI I137270
9 Minkler, Edward Everett Jr.  11 Oct 1903Newport, Newport Co., RI I137275
10 Minkler, Edward Watson  15 Dec 1850Newport, Newport Co., RI I137257
11 Minkler, Henry Elton  3 Aug 1845Newport, Newport Co., RI I137255
12 Minkler, James Edward  1869Newport, Newport Co., RI I137168
13 Minkler, James Edward Jr.  4 May 1893Newport, Newport Co., RI I137172
14 Minkler, Mabel Knight  12 May 1890Newport, Newport Co., RI I137182
15 Minkler, Mary  1847Newport, Newport Co., RI I137165
16 Minkler, Mary Catharine  27 Sep 1840Newport, Newport Co., RI I137256
17 Minkler, Orville Case  1890Newport, Newport Co., RI I137268
18 Minkler, Robert Elam  Jun 1843Newport, Newport Co., RI I137254
19 Minkler, William H.  1850Newport, Newport Co., RI I137166
20 Minkler, William Moulton  4 Mar 1839Newport, Newport Co., RI I137253
21 Moulton, Catharine  10 May 1812Newport, Newport Co., RI I137252
22 Smith, Hannah  Abt 1658Newport, Newport Co., RI I113600
23 Stafford, Joseph  1648Newport, Newport Co., RI I113630
24 Tourtellot, Abraham  Abt 1698Newport, Newport Co., RI I113627


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Knight, Sarah Elizabeth  10 Jul 1906Newport, Newport Co., RI I137164
2 Minkler, Carrie  1876Newport, Newport Co., RI I137169
3 Minkler, Charles A.  24 Mar 1930Newport, Newport Co., RI I137170
4 Minkler, Chester Taylor  16 May 1972Newport, Newport Co., RI I137269
5 Minkler, Edward Everett Jr.  24 Feb 1933Newport, Newport Co., RI I137275
6 Minkler, Edward Everett  29 Oct 1959Newport, Newport Co., RI I137270
7 Minkler, Edward Watson  4 Jul 1900Newport, Newport Co., RI I137257
8 Minkler, Henry Elton  8 Dec 1914Newport, Newport Co., RI I137255
9 Minkler, Mary Catharine  3 Jan 1929Newport, Newport Co., RI I137256
10 Minkler, Robert E.  11 Mar 1872Newport, Newport Co., RI I137156
11 Minkler, William Moulton  13 Apr 1900Newport, Newport Co., RI I137253
12 Moulton, Catharine  1 Feb 1902Newport, Newport Co., RI I137252
13 Starkey, Mary  1680Newport, Newport Co., RI I113593
14 Taylor, Charlotte  1948Newport, Newport Co., RI I137267


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Crowther / Minkler  16 Jun 1914Newport, Newport Co., RI F57869
2 Minkler / Booth  20 Apr 1869Newport, Newport Co., RI F57866
3 Minkler / Brown  13 Apr 1900Newport, Newport Co., RI F57865
4 Minkler / Essex  Bef 1903Newport, Newport Co., RI F57871
5 Minkler / Moulton  22 Mar 1838Newport, Newport Co., RI F57836
6 Minkler / Taylor  14 Dec 1879Newport, Newport Co., RI F57868
7 Nichols / Case  Feb 1697/98Newport, Newport Co., RI F57123