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New South Wales



Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brown, Alexander  14 Oct 1834New South Wales I48383
2 Brown, Alfred  New South Wales I59825
3 Brown, Anne  1863New South Wales I48378
4 Brown, Blanche E  1869New South Wales I48183
5 Brown, George  12 Jul 1831New South Wales I48181
6 Brown, George A  1871New South Wales I48380
7 Brown, Herschell J  1878New South Wales I48382
8 Brown, James  3 Aug 1819New South Wales I48179
9 Brown, John  1821New South Wales I48180
10 Brown, Martha  1867New South Wales I48379
11 Brown, Percy Thomas  1873New South Wales I48381
12 Brown, Robert Bruce  5 Apr 1850New South Wales I59826
13 Brown, Sarah Jane  1832New South Wales I39727
14 Chisholm, James (Jr)  5 Nov 1806New South Wales I47642
15 Clark, Denis   I59865
16 Clark, Loraine   I59864
17 Clark, Susan   I59866
18 Griffiths, Bronwin Clair   I59874
19 Griffiths, Elsia Gwyneth  26 Apr 1927New South Wales I59856
20 Griffiths, Gordon Robert Fitzgerald   I59857
21 Griffiths, John Ian   I59858
22 Griffiths, Keith Ross  20 Jan 1926New South Wales I59855
23 Griffiths, Kenneth   I59867
24 Griffiths, Kerry Elizabeth   I59861
25 Griffiths, Leon Bernard   I59862
26 Griffiths, Lurington Northcole  1904New South Wales I59849
27 Griffiths, Milton Bruce   I59854
28 Griffiths, Milton Thirlmere  1 Aug 1902New South Wales I59848
29 Griffiths, Narelle Joy   I59859
30 Griffiths, Stephanie Patricia   I59860
31 Humphries, Catherine  22 Dec 1807New South Wales I59341
32 Humphries, George  11 Feb 1810New South Wales I59342
33 Humphries, Thomas  22 Dec 1805New South Wales I59340
34 Symonds, Karina Leanne   I59878


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brown, David (2nd)  11 Jan 1857New South Wales I47636
2 Brown, Thomas  23 Jun 1848New South Wales I48178
3 Chisholm, James  31 Mar 1837New South Wales I47641
4 Chisholm, James (Jr)  24 Jan 1888New South Wales I47642
5 Griffiths, Ann  New South Wales I59847
6 Griffiths, Elsia Gwyneth  1956New South Wales I59856
7 Griffiths, Milton Thirlmere  20 Aug 1964New South Wales I59848
8 Haddock, Alfred Edward  24 Feb 1898New South Wales I48357
9 Humphries, Catherine  1838New South Wales I59341
10 Humphries, George  1863New South Wales I59342
11 Humphries, Thomas  1881New South Wales I59340
12 McMahon, Mary Elizabeth  21 Nov 1837New South Wales I48176
13 Mooney, Catherine  30 Apr 1857New South Wales I48385
14 Sheppard, Ann  13 Oct 1874New South Wales I48329


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Haddock, Alfred Edward  New South Wales I48357
2 Mooney, Catherine  New South Wales I48385


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brown / Alcorn  1848New South Wales F20781
2 Brown / D'Arcy  19 Jun 1848New South Wales F20507
3 Brown / Lewis  1856New South Wales F20508
4 Brown / Sheppard  1835New South Wales F15231
5 Brown / Thorley  1850New South Wales F20779
6 Brown / Turner  1859New South Wales F20878
7 Chisholm / Bowman  29 Aug 1818New South Wales F20509
8 Clark / Griffiths  1947New South Wales F26818
9 Griffiths /    F26819
10 Griffiths / Robinson  25 Aug 1923New South Wales F26813
11 Hobden / Brown  1846New South Wales F20876
12 Phelps / Midgley  1922New South Wales F20872