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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adalbert, II  Murdered I83228
2 Auschwitz, Premislaw of  1406Murdered I90484
3 Bulgaria, Aaron Ruler of Western  988Murdered I81215
4 Bulgaria, Kalojan "The Romankiller" Tsar of  Nov 1207Murdered I81175
5 Byzantium, Alexios IV Angelos Emperor of  28 Jan 1203-1204Murdered I83285
6 Cameron, Ewen (1st of Erracht)  1580Murdered I49994
7 Campbell, Colin (of Glennure)  14 May 1752Murdered I69181
8 Campbell, Sir Duncan (2nd Bt of Auchinbreck)  1645Murdered I61677
9 Castile, Leonor Infanta of  1359Murdered I66831
10 Colquhoun, Sir John (of Luss)  24 Sep 1439Murdered I52126
11 De Crawford, Hugh (of Loudoun Viscount Crawford?)  1297Murdered I72925
12 De Crepon, Osbern (Steward of Normandy)  Murdered I85866
13 De Medici, Pierre-Francois  28 Mar 1469Murdered I50658
14 Dunbar, Alexander (Sir) (of Conzie)  Bef 31 Mar 1493Murdered I48946
15 Eilenburg, Dietrich In  19 Nov 1034Murdered I81020
16 Finland, Valdemar Magnusson Duke of  1318Murdered I72570
17 Goths, Hermenegild II The Holy King of West  13 Apr 586Murdered I79195
18 Graham, John (Lord Graham of Kilpoint)  1 Sep 1644Murdered I53991
19 Hapsburg, Otto II Habsburg Count of  8 Nov 1111Murdered I83188
20 Hapsburg, Werner I Habsburg Count of  11 Nov 1096Murdered I78250
21 Irvine, Alexander (of Kingcausie)  17 Aug 1644Murdered I60787
22 Kennedy, Thomas (Sir) (of Culzean)  11 May 1602Murdered I68762
23 Kiev, Igor Prince of  945Murdered I46602
24 Kincaid, John (of Warristoun)  Murdered I55967
25 Len, King Pedro III (The Cruel) of Castile &  22 Mar 1368-1369Murdered I37936
26 Macdonald, John Ian Mortanistier (Lord O T Isles)  1472Murdered I63912
27 Maclean, Hector (10th or 6th of Kingairloch)  Abt 1654Murdered I49813
28 Maclean, Hector (3rd of Glenurquhart)  1510Murdered I54787
29 Moncreiffe, John (Vicar of Dunbarny)  Dec 1579Murdered I57301
30 Moscow, Yuriy "Redhair" Prince of  1325Murdered I81103
31 Navarre, Sancho III "The Great" King of  18 Oct 1035Murdered I81286
32 Normandy, William Longsword 2nd Duke  17 Dec 942Murdered I43027
33 O'Neill, Brian Ballach (Chief\Prince O Clannaboy)  1425Murdered I65320
34 Orkney, Einar Wry-Mouti Sigurdson Earl of  1020Murdered I43053
35 Orkney, Ragnvald I The Wise Eysteinsson 1st Earl  894Murdered I43035
36 Pamplona, Sancho III Garces King of  18 Oct 1035Murdered I43156
37 Parma, Pietro Luigi Duke of Castro &Ronciglione &  19 Nov 1503Murdered I82481
38 Poland, Mieszko II (Mieczyslaw) Lambert King of  10 May 1034Murdered I46595
39 Pomerania-Stolp, Wartislaw VII Duke of  24 Feb 1394-1395Murdered I80776
40 Salerno, Guaimar IV of Capua Amalfi &  3 Jun 1052Murdered I81281
41 Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg, Ludwig Casimir Zu  1643Murdered I91590
42 Stewart, James (Earl of Arran)  5 Dec 1595Murdered I52365
43 Thynne, Thomas (of Longleat)  12 Feb 1681/82Murdered I42653
44 Visigoths, Liuga II King of The  603Murdered I51161
45 Vladimir, Aleksandr II Prince of  29 Oct 1339Murdered I72396
46 Von Hohenstaufen, Philip (Duke of Swabia)  21 Jun 1208Murdered I51107
47 Von Merseburg, Dedo I  1009Murdered I81021
48 Von Pfirt, Friedrich II  1234Murdered I78439
49 Von Salm, Otto  1149Murdered I88366