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Mecklenburg County, North Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Davidson, Adam Brevard  13 Mar 1808Mecklenburg County, North Carolina I598191
2 Davidson, Isabella  21 Sep 1764Mecklenburg County, North Carolina I600096
3 Davidson, James Torrence  21 Oct 1843Mecklenburg County, North Carolina I597920
4 Davidson, John  12 Nov 1779Mecklenburg County, North Carolina I600162
5 Davidson, John Matthew Winslow  9 Nov 1801Mecklenburg County, North Carolina I598184
6 Davidson, John Springs  1878Mecklenburg County, North Carolina I597724
7 Davidson, Margaret  8 Feb 1776Mecklenburg County, North Carolina I600151
8 Davidson, Martha J.L.  25 Jul 1826Mecklenburg County, North Carolina I597373
9 Davidson, Mary  13 Dec 1766Mecklenburg County, North Carolina I600107
10 Davidson, Rebecca  20 Mar 1762Mecklenburg County, North Carolina I600073
11 Davidson, Robert  7 Apr 1769Mecklenburg County, North Carolina I600118
12 Davidson, Robert Hamilton McWhorter  2 Oct 1810Mecklenburg County, North Carolina I598192
13 Davidson, Sarah  13 Jun 1774Mecklenburg County, North Carolina I600140
14 Davidson, Violet  28 Aug 1771Mecklenburg County, North Carolina I600129
15 Davidson, William Speight McLean  2 Nov 1818Mecklenburg County, North Carolina I598196
16 McDowell, Franklin Brevard  1850Mecklenburg County, North Carolina I598457
17 Orr, John  15 Oct 1775Mecklenburg County, North Carolina I597878
18 Wilson, Violet Winslow  13 Aug 1742Mecklenburg County, North Carolina I600018


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barnett, Margaret  Abt 1818Mecklenburg County, North Carolina I104139
2 Brevard, Sarah Harper  Jan 1864Mecklenburg County, North Carolina I598539
3 Caldwell, Minnie  1898Mecklenburg County, North Carolina I600355
4 Davidson, Adam Brevard  4 Jul 1896Mecklenburg County, North Carolina I598191
5 Davidson, Elizabeth  27 Apr 1845Mecklenburg County, North Carolina I600173
6 Davidson, John  26 Apr 1870Mecklenburg County, North Carolina I600162
7 Davidson, John Springs  1878Mecklenburg County, North Carolina I597724
8 Davidson, John Springs  1899Mecklenburg County, North Carolina I600354
9 Davidson, Robert  14 Jun 1853Mecklenburg County, North Carolina I600118
10 Davidson, Sarah  3 Feb 1842Mecklenburg County, North Carolina I600140
11 Davidson, William Speight McLean  15 Dec 1873Mecklenburg County, North Carolina I598196
12 Douglass, Joseph  4 Sep 1805Mecklenburg County, North Carolina I596554
13 Douglass, Joseph  4 Sep 1805Mecklenburg County, North Carolina I104140
14 Osborne, Margaret M.  9 Jan 1864Mecklenburg County, North Carolina I600219
15 Springs, Mary Laura  Oct 1872Mecklenburg County, North Carolina I600350
16 Torrence, Jane Elizabeth  3 Dec 1844Mecklenburg County, North Carolina I596954
17 Wilson, Violet Winslow  3 Dec 1818Mecklenburg County, North Carolina I600018


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brevard / Davidson  27 Apr 1784Mecklenburg County, North Carolina F597723
2 Caldwell / Davidson  9 Oct 1794Mecklenburg County, North Carolina F597787
3 Davidson / Elms  5 Nov 1855Mecklenburg County, North Carolina F596662
4 Davidson / Henderson  24 Feb 1858Mecklenburg County, North Carolina F596859
5 Graham / Davidson  1787Mecklenburg County, North Carolina F597770
6 Harris / Davidson  10 Dec 1813Mecklenburg County, North Carolina F597794
7 Moore / Davidson  19 Jan 1835Mecklenburg County, North Carolina F597086