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Low Moor



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Asquith, Ann  1857Low Moor I93633
2 Brayshaw, ?  16 Mar 1873Low Moor I93624
3 Brayshaw, Alfred  23 Feb 1833Low Moor I93402
4 Brayshaw, Ann  Sep 1822Low Moor I93546
5 Brayshaw, Ann  12 Apr 1865Low Moor I93621
6 Brayshaw, Annabella  6 Jul 1864Low Moor I93465
7 Brayshaw, Anne  13 Nov 1852Low Moor I93574
8 Brayshaw, Annie  16 Mar 1876Low Moor I93625
9 Brayshaw, Benjamin  16 Jan 1878Low Moor I93631
10 Brayshaw, Daniel  17 Aug 1840Low Moor I93296
11 Brayshaw, Daniel  13 Feb 1857Low Moor I93576
12 Brayshaw, Ellen  30 Dec 1833Low Moor I93561
13 Brayshaw, Emily  17 Dec 1872Low Moor I93578
14 Brayshaw, Emily Jane  7 Apr 1868Low Moor I93407
15 Brayshaw, Emma  Apr 1827Low Moor I93550
16 Brayshaw, Ethel May  20 May 1876Low Moor I93488
17 Brayshaw, Fanny  2 Sep 1836Low Moor I93586
18 Brayshaw, Florence Alberta  20 Aug 1865Low Moor I93620
19 Brayshaw, Fred  9 Mar 1859Low Moor I93478
20 Brayshaw, Fred  26 Dec 1876Low Moor I93630
21 Brayshaw, Fred  3 Jul 1882Low Moor I93636
22 Brayshaw, George  Aug 1818Low Moor I93545
23 Brayshaw, Harold Priestly  25 Jan 1890Low Moor I93640
24 Brayshaw, Harriet  Jun 1830Low Moor I93555
25 Brayshaw, Harriet  4 Jun 1857Low Moor I93614
26 Brayshaw, Henry  Oct 1824Low Moor I93547
27 Brayshaw, Henry Shooter (Harry)  2 May 1862Low Moor I93460
28 Brayshaw, Horace Evans  9 Feb 1872Low Moor I93628
29 Brayshaw, Hubert  15 Feb 1899Low Moor I93644
30 Brayshaw, Ida Bernice  1 May 1876Low Moor I93629
31 Brayshaw, Ida Gertrude  11 Jul 1873Low Moor I93406
32 Brayshaw, James  30 Jun 1837Low Moor I93582
33 Brayshaw, Jane  Apr 1829Low Moor I93559
34 Brayshaw, Jerud  Aug 1827Low Moor I93553
35 Brayshaw, Joseph  1 Mar 1869Low Moor I93623
36 Brayshaw, Joshua  Nov 1835Low Moor I93562
37 Brayshaw, Mary  22 Jul 1840Low Moor I93587
38 Brayshaw, Mary Sophia  15 Jun 1838Low Moor I93570
39 Brayshaw, Oswald  16 Aug 1905Low Moor I93645
40 Brayshaw, Reginald Vivian  7 Jul 1869Low Moor I93363
41 Brayshaw, Sarah Ann  Jul 1829Low Moor I93554
42 Brayshaw, Seth  22 Oct 1860Low Moor I93563
43 Brayshaw, Sophia  15 Dec 1864Low Moor I93619
44 Brayshaw, Thomas  Mar 1815Low Moor I93544
45 Brayshaw, Thomas Barraclough  1 Jun 1853Low Moor I93575
46 Brayshaw, Thomas Edward  23 Dec 1865Low Moor I93457
47 Brayshaw, Wilfred  Apr 1835Low Moor I93556
48 Brayshaw, William  11 Aug 1838Low Moor I93585
49 Brayshaw, William  15 May 1862Low Moor I93616
50 Brayshaw, William Henry  5 Nov 1866Low Moor I93622

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brayshaw, Benjamin  Mar 1878Low Moor I93631
2 Brayshaw, Daniel  16 Apr 1855Low Moor I93401
3 Brayshaw, David Barraclough  Bef 1881Low Moor I93635
4 Brayshaw, Edwin  Mar 1835Low Moor I93552
5 Brayshaw, Ellen  Feb 1836Low Moor I93561
6 Brayshaw, Ellen  Dec 1850Low Moor I93573
7 Brayshaw, Emma  Mar 1846Low Moor I93550
8 Brayshaw, Florence Alberta  Aug 1870Low Moor I93620
9 Brayshaw, James  Apr 1834Low Moor I93604
10 Brayshaw, James  Oct 1837Low Moor I93582
11 Brayshaw, James  Aug 1844Low Moor I93535
12 Brayshaw, Jerud  Mar 1848Low Moor I93553
13 Brayshaw, John  Feb 1830Low Moor I93601
14 Brayshaw, John  Dec 1838Low Moor I93523
15 Brayshaw, Joseph  Nov 1841Low Moor I93403
16 Brayshaw, Martha  Jan 1819Low Moor I93549
17 Brayshaw, Mary  Sep 1815Low Moor I93548
18 Brayshaw, Mary  Feb 1837Low Moor I93605
19 Brayshaw, Mary  Jan 1839Low Moor I93528
20 Brayshaw, Thomas  Dec 1831Low Moor I93544
21 Brayshaw, Thomas Barraclough  Jun 1895Low Moor I93575
22 Brayshaw, William  Mar 1839Low Moor I93585
23 Brayshaw, William  Mar 1851Low Moor I93572
24 Pearcy, Ellen  Dec 1845Low Moor I93543