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London, Ontario



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Belyea, Donald  London, Ontario I96473
2 Belyea, Harvey  London, Ontario I96470
3 Belyea, Norma  London, Ontario I96471
4 Belyea, Shirley  London, Ontario I96469
5 Bruxwell, Elizabeth  London, Ontario I95515
6 Cooke, Hubert  London, Ontario I110852
7 Crouch, Frank  London, Ontario I100092
8 Crouch, Keith  London, Ontario I100096
9 Crouch, Lorraine  London, Ontario I100093
10 Crouch, Richard  London, Ontario I100091
11 Culbert, Earl  London, Ontario I99525
12 Deacon, Kate  London, Ontario I100103
13 Deacon, Louise  London, Ontario I100102
14 Deacon, Mae C.  London, Ontario I100105
15 Deacon, Nellie  London, Ontario I100107
16 Deacon, Ralph  London, Ontario I100106
17 Deacon, Sarah  London, Ontario I100104
18 Dinsmore, Colborne  London, Ontario I99918
19 Dinsmore, Ernest  London, Ontario I99919
20 Dinsmore, Jane Amelia  London, Ontario I99915
21 Dinsmore, John Francis Bondhead  London, Ontario I99917
22 Dinsmore, Mary Emma  London, Ontario I99916
23 Dinsmore, Wilhelmina Victoria  London, Ontario I99914
24 Douglas, Clara  London, Ontario I95519
25 Elliot, Robert Craig  London, Ontario I97101
26 Emerson, Dr. J. G. Dr.  London, Ontario I96528
27 English, John  London, Ontario I95781
28 Grearson, Debbie  London, Ontario I110696
29 Grearson, Dennis Hodgins  London, Ontario I110698
30 Grearson, Donna  London, Ontario I110695
31 Grearson, Edison  London, Ontario I110697
32 Grearson, Michael  London, Ontario I110694
33 Griffith, Jennifer Lynn   I97030
34 Griffith, Scott William   I97028
35 Griffith, Stephen Mark   I97029
36 Grose, Ford  London, Ontario I95560
37 Harding, Margaret Ellen  London, Ontario I99654
38 Harding, Phillip Stanley Decoursey  London, Ontario I99655
39 Harlton, Esther Isabella  London, Ontario I100405
40 Harlton, John Henry  London, Ontario I100409
41 Harlton, Mary Lucretia  London, Ontario I100406
42 Harlton, Robert David Terrence  London, Ontario I100410
43 Harlton, Thomas William  London, Ontario I100408
44 Harlton, Victoria Eva  London, Ontario I100407
45 Henry, Lloyd  London, Ontario I95513
46 Hodgins, A Son  London, Ontario I96110
47 Hodgins, Alexander  21 Jul 1844London, Ontario I99822
48 Hodgins, Alonzo John  1873London, Ontario I99864
49 Hodgins, Alvina  London, Ontario I101450
50 Hodgins, Amos  1895London, Ontario I94406

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Armitage, Alfarina Alvina  8 Dec 1942London, Ontario I100438
2 Blackwell, Jane  London, Ontario I94383
3 Bradley, Catherine  1867London, Ontario I99983
4 Deacon, Ellen  26 Sep 1904London, Ontario I110820
5 Deacon, William  1878London, Ontario I100101
6 Edwards, Ann  London, Ontario I94465
7 Harlton, John  23 Jan 1929London, Ontario I98922
8 Haskett, Emma  29 Mar 1944London, Ontario I94675
9 Haskett, James Skinner  19 Mar 1924London, Ontario I94669
10 Haskett, Walter  6 Jul 1947London, Ontario I94673
11 Hawkshaw, Mary  11 Feb 1915London, Ontario I95795
12 Hodgins, Alexander  13 Aug 1845London, Ontario I99822
13 Hodgins, Catherine  London, Ontario I99989
14 Hodgins, Ellen  13 Sep 1892London, Ontario I99984
15 Hodgins, Franklin Ernest  1956London, Ontario I95456
16 Hodgins, George  21 Apr 1867London, Ontario I110726
17 Hodgins, Harold B.  Aft 1971London, Ontario I110673
18 Hodgins, Henry "Castle Henry"  5 Sep 1863London, Ontario I94650
19 Hodgins, John "Castle John"  1835London, Ontario I94648
20 Hodgins, John D. W.  1843London, Ontario I95229
21 Hodgins, John Deacon  London, Ontario I94464
22 Hodgins, Margaret  26 Oct 1890London, Ontario I110716
23 Hodgins, Rebecca  13 Sep 1935London, Ontario I98994
24 Hodgins, Sarah  1892London, Ontario I94390
25 Hodgins, Thomas  6 Jul 1884London, Ontario I94467
26 Hodgins, Thomas "Castle Tom"  London, Ontario I94651
27 Hodgins, Thomas "Thomas The Tenth"  1884London, Ontario I94653
28 Hodgins, Thomas Lambourne "Wolf Killer"  26 Sep 1884London, Ontario I99801
29 Hodgins, William "Big Bill"  1873London, Ontario I99802
30 Hodgins, William "Big Bill"  4 Jan 1905London, Ontario I110715
31 Hodgins, William "Castle William"  1834London, Ontario I94649
32 Hunt, Norman Willard  12 Sep 1964London, Ontario I96377
33 Latta, Alma Ethel  3 Dec 1939London, Ontario I97078
34 Latta, Bertha Grace  11 Jun 1941London, Ontario I97082
35 Latta, Reta Pearl  4 Dec 1934London, Ontario I97079
36 Logan, Edward Coyne  5 Jan 1913London, Ontario I110838
37 Logan, Frank  1919London, Ontario I110841
38 Logan, William Thomas  26 Feb 1878London, Ontario I110845
39 Orme, Emma  1949London, Ontario I94865
40 Orme, Rev. James Rev.  1914London, Ontario I94665
41 Parkinson, Clifford  25 Jul 1967London, Ontario I95431
42 Russell, John Henry Harold  24 Feb 1998London, Ontario I93856
43 Russell, Margaret Elizabeth  30 Nov 1997London, Ontario I93855
44 Sceli, James  31 Jan 1915London, Ontario I95794
45 Scott, Avice  Aft 1971London, Ontario I110676
46 Shoebottom, Elizabeth  10 Apr 1863London, Ontario I110744
47 Shoebottom, Mary  9 Mar 1877London, Ontario I99807


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Morgan / Sceli  4 Jan 1888London, Ontario F43873
2 Sceli / Brett  1903London, Ontario F43876