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Linn County, Missouri



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Duckworth, Della May  WFT Est 1864-1890Linn County, Missouri I149709
2 Duckworth, Harvey  WFT Est 1864-1890Linn County, Missouri I149708
3 Duckworth, Ira  WFT Est 1864-1890Linn County, Missouri I149711
4 Duckworth, Martha  WFT Est 1864-1890Linn County, Missouri I149712
5 Duckworth, Sarah  WFT Est 1864-1890Linn County, Missouri I149710
6 Holland, George Washington  20 Feb 1836Linn County, Missouri I149700
7 Holland, Mary Elizabeth  11 Jul 1865Linn County, Missouri I149702
8 Holland, Rebecca Jane  4 Feb 1863Linn County, Missouri I149701
9 Holland, Robert Henry  Apr 1870Linn County, Missouri I149704
10 Maxwell, Ella B.  8 Nov 1864Linn County, Missouri I149676
11 Maxwell, Harry  WFT Est 1861-1888Linn County, Missouri I149694
12 Maxwell, Jacob Dockery  18 Aug 1849Linn County, Missouri I149535
13 Maxwell, James R.  29 Jun 1857Linn County, Missouri I149538
14 Maxwell, John  WFT Est 1861-1888Linn County, Missouri I149693
15 Maxwell, John Harvey  1 Apr 1841Linn County, Missouri I149531
16 Maxwell, Joseph Ellington  10 Feb 1855Linn County, Missouri I149537
17 Maxwell, Linnie  WFT Est 1861-1888Linn County, Missouri I149695
18 Maxwell, Martha Lutisha  16 May 1843Linn County, Missouri I149532
19 Maxwell, Martha Matilda  25 May 1860Linn County, Missouri I149633
20 Maxwell, Mary Jane  27 Jul 1847Linn County, Missouri I149534
21 Maxwell, Mary Susan  26 Aug 1850Linn County, Missouri I149938
22 Maxwell, Matilda L.  14 Feb 1840Linn County, Missouri I149503
23 Maxwell, Nancy Elizabeth  2 Apr 1845Linn County, Missouri I149533
24 Maxwell, Rebecca  20 Dec 1851Linn County, Missouri I149536
25 Maxwell, William Henry  5 Jan 1839Linn County, Missouri I149530
26 Whitley, James Frederick  25 Jun 1851Linn County, Missouri I149981


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Maxwell, Nancy Elizabeth  26 May 1845Linn County, Missouri I149533
2 Maxwell, Rebecca  31 Aug 1854Linn County, Missouri I149536
3 Maxwell, Robert  21 Apr 1861Linn County, Missouri I149402


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Duckworth / Maxwell  28 Mar 1868Linn County, Missouri F61244
2 Eastwood / Sensintaffar  Jun 1844Linn County, Missouri F60950
3 Holland / Maxwell  13 Feb 1862Linn County, Missouri F61243
4 Whitley / Maxwell  25 Apr 1857Linn County, Missouri F61233