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Hamilton County, Ohio



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Conner, Harold E.  9 Aug 1911Hamilton County, Ohio I24660
2 Conner, Harry  15 Jan 1919Hamilton County, Ohio I24661
3 Conner, Lucille  26 Aug 1909Hamilton County, Ohio I24659
4 Redenbaugh, *Joseph Sr.  3 Jan 1803Hamilton County, Ohio I7966
5 Redenbaugh, Catherine  22 Mar 1801Hamilton County, Ohio I10034
6 Redenbaugh, Charlotte  Hamilton County, Ohio I9585
7 Redenbaugh, Elizabeth  Hamilton County, Ohio I9586
8 Redenbaugh, Jemima  1807Hamilton County, Ohio I10523
9 Redenbaugh, John A.  Hamilton County, Ohio I9587
10 Redenbaugh, Jonas Redenbo Redinbaugh Reddenbow  1808Hamilton County, Ohio I10041
11 Redenbaugh, Lucy  Hamilton County, Ohio I9583
12 Redenbaugh, Lydia  1816Hamilton County, Ohio I10527
13 Redenbaugh, Margaret  5 Sep 1810Hamilton County, Ohio I10616
14 Redenbaugh, Maria  1820Hamilton County, Ohio I10528
15 Redenbaugh, Mary  1809Hamilton County, Ohio I10524
16 Redenbaugh, Michael  1806Hamilton County, Ohio I10522
17 Redenbaugh, Nancy  1804Hamilton County, Ohio I10521
18 Redenbaugh, Sarah Anne  Hamilton County, Ohio I9584
19 Redinbo, James  22 Jan 1813Hamilton County, Ohio I13967
20 Shanklin, Margaret  24 Oct 1801Hamilton County, Ohio I9679


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Conner, Raymond Ray  5 Jun 1964Hamilton County, Ohio I23615
2 M, Anna  30 Oct 1917Hamilton County, Ohio I24637
3 Ohe, Amelia H.  23 Feb 1918Hamilton County, Ohio I24625
4 Ohe, Andrew  16 Feb 1919Hamilton County, Ohio I24621
5 Ohe, Charles I.  29 Apr 1918Hamilton County, Ohio I24638
6 Ohe, George  22 Jul 1932Hamilton County, Ohio I24631
7 Ohe, Margaret  28 Apr 1996Hamilton County, Ohio I24628
8 Ohe, Matilda H.  5 Dec 1990Hamilton County, Ohio I24629
9 Ohe, Nettie  6 Nov 1996Hamilton County, Ohio I24626
10 Ohe, Pearl  15 May 1998Hamilton County, Ohio I24624
11 Redenbaugh, Philip  Between 1820 and 1844Hamilton County, Ohio I7895


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Redenbaugh, Philip  Hamilton County, Ohio I7895


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Conner / Wingate  1906Hamilton County, Ohio F8208
2 Dailey / Redenbaugh  13 Dec 1826Hamilton County, Ohio F64416
3 Douglass / Shearer  24 Sep 1818Hamilton County, Ohio F10074
4 Jackson / Redenbaugh  1821Hamilton County, Ohio F65305
5 Keepel / Redenbaugh  8 Oct 1829Hamilton County, Ohio F65533
6 Myers / Redenbaugh  28 Feb 1843Hamilton County, Ohio F65169
7 Redenbaugh / Shanklin  1817Hamilton County, Ohio F65179