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Germantown, Columbia Co., NY



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Becker, Antonius  Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I121388
2 Becker, Hannah  1766Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I136939
3 Becker, Johann Peter  20 Jun 1727Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I121387
4 Cole, Harmanus  30 Nov 1781Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I137137
5 Cole, Jacob William  17 Sep 1809Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I137142
6 Diederich, Maria Barbara  Abt 1725Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I121127
7 Haver, Peter  1746Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I121019
8 Kilmer, Elisabetha  28 Apr 1734Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I105776
9 Minckler, David  1735Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I121432
10 Minkler, Adam  1756Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I136913
11 Minkler, Andreas  1734Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I121141
12 Minkler, Anna Engel  1726Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I121124
13 Minkler, Anna Margretha  Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I121137
14 Minkler, Casparus  25 May 1737Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I121144
15 Minkler, Catharina  15 Oct 1769Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I135220
16 Minkler, Cathrina  1753Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I136910
17 Minkler, Christina  Abt 18 Oct 1747Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I124620
18 Minkler, Cristina  1763Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I130208
19 Minkler, David Jr.  1775Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I105618
20 Minkler, Eve  1758Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I116539
21 Minkler, Gertjen  1747Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I136909
22 Minkler, Harman  1754Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I136912
23 Minkler, Harmanous  Abt 1717Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I105768
24 Minkler, Harmanus  1760Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I132740
25 Minkler, Josiah  1753Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I136911
26 Minkler, Killian  Abt 1721Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I121126
27 Minkler, Lena  1758Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I136914
28 Minkler, Lena Margaretha  2 May 1733Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I121138


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Cole, David  13 Jul 1788Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I137133
2 Haver, Peter  5 Oct 1746Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I121019
3 Minkler, Adam  19 Sep 1756Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I136913
4 Minkler, Andreas  Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I121141
5 Minkler, Anna  22 Jan 1782Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I136920
6 Minkler, Annatien  14 Jan 1766Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I130205
7 Minkler, Catharina  15 Apr 1770Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I137504
8 Minkler, Catharina  19 Jan 1785Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I136921
9 Minkler, Cathrina  20 Mar 1753Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I136910
10 Minkler, Cristina  17 Feb 1763Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I130208
11 Minkler, Elizabeth  23 Jun 1778Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I136919
12 Minkler, Elizabeth  20 May 1781Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I137502
13 Minkler, Eve  7 Jan 1759Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I116539
14 Minkler, Gertien  22 Mar 1765Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I137145
15 Minkler, Gertjen  22 Jan 1746/47Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I136909
16 Minkler, Gertjenn  19 Apr 1772Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I136917
17 Minkler, Harman  7 Jul 1754Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I136912
18 Minkler, Harmanus  9 Nov 1760Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I132740
19 Minkler, Jacob  23 Jan 1749/50Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I136915
20 Minkler, Josiah  20 Mar 1753Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I136911
21 Minkler, Josiah  15 Nov 1772Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I137496
22 Minkler, Lena  10 Dec 1758Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I136914
23 Minkler, Marijtjen  13 Jan 1778Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I137498
24 Minkler, Maryjen  4 Jun 1775Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I136918
25 Minkler, Petrus  5 Jul 1767Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I137146
26 Minkler, Tones Antonius  15 Apr 1770Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I136916
27 Minkler, William  4 Sep 1785Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I136924


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Becker, Hannah  8 Oct 1838Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I136939
2 Kilmer, Elisabetha  27 Jul 1827Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I105776
3 Minkler, Adam  29 Sep 1840Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I136913
4 Minkler, Catharina  18 Aug 1812Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I135220
5 Minkler, Elisabeth  22 Jul 1827Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I121145
6 Minkler, Killian  20 Feb 1747/48Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I105637
7 Minkler, Lena  2 Mar 1849Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I136914


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Minkler, Elisabeth  Germantown, Columbia Co., NY I121145


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cole / Minkler  1777Germantown, Columbia Co., NY F50119
2 Kuhn / Minkler  1 Dec 1758Germantown, Columbia Co., NY F52128
3 Merkel / Minkler  Abt 1794Germantown, Columbia Co., NY F57935
4 Minckler / Kilmer  Bef 1757Germantown, Columbia Co., NY F46262
5 Minkler / Blass  10 Dec 1768Germantown, Columbia Co., NY F52131
6 Minkler / Diederich  30 Dec 1746Germantown, Columbia Co., NY F52118
7 Minkler / Kilmer  Abt 1764Germantown, Columbia Co., NY F52127
8 Minkler / Kuhn  26 Nov 1765Germantown, Columbia Co., NY F52130