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Fauquier County, Virginia



Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ann, Mary  Abt 1715Fauquier County, Virginia I7400
2 Graham, Susannah  1756Fauquier County, Virginia I599891
3 Kay, Elizabeth  27 Feb 1789Fauquier County, Virginia I22857
4 Martin, *James H. Sr.  1778Fauquier County, Virginia I8089
5 Martin, Daughter  Fauquier County, Virginia I8163
6 Martin, Eleanor  Fauquier County, Virginia I8159
7 Martin, Elizabeth  Between 1773 and 1776Fauquier County, Virginia I8168
8 Martin, Hezekiah  Between 1770 and 1773Fauquier County, Virginia I8167
9 Martin, James  Between 1765 and 1768Fauquier County, Virginia I8165
10 Martin, James Lee  Between 1765 and 1770Fauquier County, Virginia I8082
11 Martin, John  1770Fauquier County, Virginia I8088
12 Martin, Tillman Jr.  Between 1777 and 1778Fauquier County, Virginia I8170
13 McCoy, **Joseph Washington Jr.  1 Jul 1798Fauquier County, Virginia I158921
14 McCoy, Amelia Emelia Milly  8 Dec 1801Fauquier County, Virginia I157138
15 McCoy, Anna  Abt 1765Fauquier County, Virginia I157400
16 McCoy, Delilah  Abt 1774Fauquier County, Virginia I157403
17 McCoy, Elizabeth  Abt 1770Fauquier County, Virginia I157401
18 McCoy, Elizabeth  18 Oct 1790Fauquier County, Virginia I157135
19 McCoy, Samuel  Fauquier County, Virginia I20543
20 McCoy, William Squire  Abt 1767Fauquier County, Virginia I8016
21 McKoy - Mccoy, **Joseph Washington () Sr.  15 Jan 1766Fauquier County, Virginia I157132
22 Smith, Lewis K.  1790Fauquier County, Virginia I7406
23 Smith, Martin  Fauquier County, Virginia I7404
24 Smith, Sarah  1786Fauquier County, Virginia I7405
25 Taylor, Sinah Seney W.  1772Fauquier County, Virginia I157462
26 Taylor, William Tarlton  24 Aug 1759Fauquier County, Virginia I157460
27 Williams, Fowler  1778Fauquier County, Virginia I599884
28 Winn, John Smallwood  Abt 1774Fauquier County, Virginia I157588
29 Wright, *Joseph  1781Fauquier County, Virginia I157154
30 Wright, *Nancy  29 Dec 1804Fauquier County, Virginia I11758
31 Wright, Alexander  1814Fauquier County, Virginia I22880
32 Wright, Deliah  1807Fauquier County, Virginia I22858
33 Wright, Edward  1 Jun 1776Fauquier County, Virginia I22856
34 Wright, Elijah  1783Fauquier County, Virginia I22850
35 Wright, Elizabeth  19 Sep 1773Fauquier County, Virginia I22902
36 Wright, John Jr.  1728Fauquier County, Virginia I157174
37 Wright, John Mccoy ?  25 Sep 1770Fauquier County, Virginia I22904
38 Wright, Joshua  1783Fauquier County, Virginia I22852
39 Wright, Joshua  1808Fauquier County, Virginia I22859
40 Wright, Lucy Ann  22 Jul 1785Fauquier County, Virginia I22898
41 Wright, Margaret  1779Fauquier County, Virginia I22473
42 Wright, Margaret  1810Fauquier County, Virginia I22860
43 Wright, Martha Patty  12 Mar 1786Fauquier County, Virginia I22921
44 Wright, Mary  1775Fauquier County, Virginia I22896
45 Wright, Nancy  1784Fauquier County, Virginia I22892
46 Wright, Samuel  1790Fauquier County, Virginia I22741
47 Wright, Susannah  1788Fauquier County, Virginia I22900
48 Wright, William Edward  12 Apr 1812Fauquier County, Virginia I22861


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barbara, Maria  Fauquier County, Virginia I158308
2 Clore, Hans Michael Klaar  Mar 1763Fauquier County, Virginia I158307
3 Lloyd, Elizabeth  25 Jul 1830Fauquier County, Virginia I158919
4 Martin, Henry  1780Fauquier County, Virginia I7386
5 Martin, John  1823Fauquier County, Virginia I7384
6 Martin, Tillman  Abt 1779Fauquier County, Virginia I7382
7 McCoy, **John Mackcoy  Between 1790 and 1791Fauquier County, Virginia I157150


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ? / Taylor  14 Mar 1780Fauquier County, Virginia F4254
2 Berryman / Barr  8 Mar 1786Fauquier County, Virginia F6308
3 Bryan / Berryman  20 May 1777Fauquier County, Virginia F6115
4 Garrett / McCoy  22 Feb 1790Fauquier County, Virginia F64222
5 Hayes / Norris  28 Oct 1807Fauquier County, Virginia F64142
6 Kendall / Wright  1 Aug 1808Fauquier County, Virginia F7940
7 Martin / Gary  1813Fauquier County, Virginia F64706
8 Martin / Holtzclaw  Abt 1754Fauquier County, Virginia F64462
9 Martin / Neely  Bef 1790Fauquier County, Virginia F64703
10 Martin / Peggy  1803Fauquier County, Virginia F64464
11 McCoy / Kendall  21 Apr 1787Fauquier County, Virginia F64682
12 McCoy / Withers  28 Jan 1771Fauquier County, Virginia F9315
13 Slaughter / Taylor  26 Sep 1796Fauquier County, Virginia F9236
14 Smith / Berryman  22 Apr 1777Fauquier County, Virginia F64456
15 Smith / Martin  31 Aug 1785Fauquier County, Virginia F64454
16 Winn / McCoy  31 Jan 1793Fauquier County, Virginia F64224
17 Wright / Kay  26 Mar 1804Fauquier County, Virginia F7928