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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abney-Hastings, Charles (Lord of Willesley)  1858Dsp I73990
2 Abney-Hastings, Frank  1828Dsp I73991
3 Alston, Sarah  Nov 1692Dsp I41477
4 Annesley, Arthur (5th Earl of Anglesey)  1 Apr 1737Dsp I70907
5 Arbuthnott, Andrew (15th of That Ilk)  Sep 1631Dsp I80128
6 Arbuthnott, John (10th Viscount Arbuthnott)  30 Nov 1895Dsp I69030
7 Arbuthnott, John (5th Viscount Arbuthnott)  8 May 1756Dsp I69021
8 Audley, Nicholas 3rd Lord  22 Jul 1391Dsp I85074
9 Bardolf, Anne  6 Nov 1453Dsp I91904
10 Barnewall, Bartholomew Patrick  1848Dsp I45452
11 Barnewall, Robert ( 5th Baron Trimlestown)  27 Oct 1573Dsp I38459
12 Bethune, Elizabeth (of Balfour)  Dsp I55540
13 Bigod, Roger (5th Earl of Norfolk & Suffolk)  1307Dsp I80033
14 Bisset, Thomas (of Upsetlington Earl of Fife)  Bef 17 Apr 1365Dsp I51850
15 Blair, Margaret (of Blair)  Dsp I72781
16 Borthwick, John 9th Lord  Abt 1675Dsp I61066
17 Bourchier, Henry (5th Earl of Bath)  16 Aug 1654Dsp I71786
18 Boyd, Margaret (Grizelda)  Abt 1516Dsp I40208
19 Boyd, Robert 8Th Lord  17 Nov 1640Dsp I60274
20 Boyle, Juliana (of Burlington)  26 Mar 1739Dsp I86558
21 Boyle, Lionel (3rd Earl of Orrey)  24 Aug 1703Dsp I57374
22 Brechin, David Lord of  1320Dsp I87589
23 Brodie, David (of Pitgavenie 3rd of Lethen)  1683Dsp I84764
24 Bruce, Catherine  1693Dsp I59203
25 Brydges, Elizabeth (of Chandos)  3 Feb 1717/18Dsp I73391
26 Buchanan, James , 15th President Of The USA  1 Jun 1868Dsp I85473
27 Butler, Edmond (2nd Baron Caher)  1560Dsp I86516
28 Cameron, Alexander (4th of Dungallon)  1759Dsp I74192
29 Cameron, Mary Anne  30 Nov 1850Dsp I54549
30 Campbell, Archibald (3rd Duke of Argyll)  15 Apr 1761Dsp I41073
31 Campbell, Duncan (Sir) (7Th of Lochnell)  Abt 1765Dsp I56499
32 Campbell, Duncan (Sir) (8Th of Lochnell)  Dsp I74594
33 Campbell, Egidia (Juliana) (of Loudoun)  Dsp I72887
34 Campbell, Elizabeth (of Fairfield)  9 Dec 1818Dsp I41097
35 Campbell, James (Lord of Kintyre)  1646Dsp I40890
36 Carmichael, William (Sir) (of Bonningtoun)  1738Dsp I77192
37 Chaloner, Helen Mary  14 Mar 1864Dsp I58092
38 Churchill, Charles (Governor of Guernsey)  1714Dsp I90128
39 Clerk, James (Sir) (3rd Bt)  6 Feb 1782Dsp I58631
40 Clerk, John (Sir) (5th Bt of Penicuik)  1798Dsp I58846
41 Clinton, Edward (5th Earl of Lincoln)  25 Nov 1692Dsp I80478
42 Cochrane, Alexander  1709Dsp I88967
43 Cochrane, George (Captain)  1709Dsp I88968
44 Cochrane, John  21 Nov 1707Dsp I88966
45 Colville, John (4th Lord Colville of Culross)  Aft 1678Dsp I69145
46 Comyn, William (of Kirkintilloch)  8 Mar 1290-1291Dsp I60601
47 Conrad, Emperor  918Dsp I90863
48 Copley, Anne  5 Aug 1814Dsp I59893
49 Cornwallis, Elizabeth (of Brome)  1658Dsp I74349
50 Coventry, Margaret  Dsp I91833

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