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Died Young



Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barber, Dan  died young I114673
2 Barber, John Drake  died young I115828
3 Brooks, Charlie  Bef 1935died young I9429
4 Brooks, Roy  died young I9434
5 Brown, Daughter 2  died young I47634
6 Brown, Daughter 3  died young I47639
7 Buell, Chloe  died young I114958
8 Buell, Samuel  died young I114957
9 Cameron, Isabel  died young I76645
10 Case, Christopher Columbus  died young I134617
11 Case, Lois  died young I115985
12 Case, Raphael  died young I134689
13 Case, Rebecca  died young I114794
14 Case, Stephen Cleveland  died young I134616
15 Case, William  died young I116098
16 Case, Zacheus  died young I116051
17 Craver, Myrta  died young I121546
18 Craver, Polly  died young I121601
19 Craver, Sally  died young I121684
20 Craver, Wilbur  died young I121731
21 Dexter, Davis  died young I115707
22 Dexter, William W.  died young I115706
23 Douglas, John  died young I104812
24 Douglas, John  died young I104839
25 Douglas-Pennant, Harriet  1840died young I662
26 Douglass, Elizabeth Sargasnt  died young I268271
27 Garrett, Abimar  died young I116000
28 Garrett, Lydia  died young I115993
29 Holcomb, Jonathan  died young I114551
30 Holcomb, Rushmore  died young I114577
31 Hoskins, Daniel  died young I115344
32 Howard, Daughter 1  died young I38971
33 Howard, Daughter 2  died young I38972
34 Howard, Son 2  died young I38970
35 Kaiser, Olga  died young I105916
36 Miller, Albert  died young I11701
37 Minckler, Jacob  died young I120170
38 Rector, Henry Harvey  died young I158421
39 Sparks, Jesse  died young I23338