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Cumberland, RI



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Carpenter, Pricilla  1730Cumberland, RI I139176
2 Dexter, Benjamin G.  1760Cumberland, RI I139219
3 Dexter, Benjamin G.  1805Cumberland, RI I139286
4 Dexter, Cornelia  1829Cumberland, RI I139377
5 Dexter, Curtis W.  1836Cumberland, RI I139433
6 Dexter, David  1758Cumberland, RI I139226
7 Dexter, David W.  1809Cumberland, RI I139367
8 Dexter, Edward A.  1831Cumberland, RI I139089
9 Dexter, Edwin Frances  1845Cumberland, RI I139438
10 Dexter, Eliza  1787Cumberland, RI I139259
11 Dexter, Eseck W.  1807Cumberland, RI I139287
12 Dexter, Frances  1838Cumberland, RI I139363
13 Dexter, Frederick A.  1840Cumberland, RI I139364
14 Dexter, Jabez  1756Cumberland, RI I139208
15 Dexter, James  1720Cumberland, RI I139128
16 Dexter, James  1749Cumberland, RI I139213
17 Dexter, James Cooke  1837Cumberland, RI I139356
18 Dexter, James W.  1804Cumberland, RI I139285
19 Dexter, Jeremiah  1739Cumberland, RI I139231
20 Dexter, John S.  1818Cumberland, RI I139370
21 Dexter, John Singer  1753Cumberland, RI I139206
22 Dexter, Joseph  1780Cumberland, RI I139262
23 Dexter, Marcy  1754Cumberland, RI I139216
24 Dexter, Nancy  1761Cumberland, RI I139220
25 Dexter, Nathaniel Balch  1758Cumberland, RI I139210
26 Dexter, Peter B.  1783Cumberland, RI I139263
27 Dexter, Samuel  1781Cumberland, RI I139290
28 Dexter, Samuel Augustus  1843Cumberland, RI I139437
29 Dexter, Sarah Ann  1814Cumberland, RI I139288
30 Dexter, Stephen  1766Cumberland, RI I139230
31 Dexter, Susan  1831Cumberland, RI I139378
32 Dexter, Timothy W.  1768Cumberland, RI I139222
33 Dexter, William C.  1808Cumberland, RI I139366
34 Keene, Anna  1808Cumberland, RI I139135
35 Streeter, Caroline  1810Cumberland, RI I139435
36 Whipple, Mary Ann  1799Cumberland, RI I139374
37 Whipple, Sabra  1790Cumberland, RI I139365
38 White, Sabra  1767Cumberland, RI I139294


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dexter, James  WFT Est 1770-1812Cumberland, RI I139128