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Culpeper (Madison) County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Blankenbaker, Christina  1760Culpeper (Madison) County, Virginia I22977
2 Blankenbaker, Eleanor  1755Culpeper (Madison) County, Virginia I22975
3 Blankenbaker, Elizabeth  1753Culpeper (Madison) County, Virginia I22973
4 Blankenbaker, Jemima  1745Culpeper (Madison) County, Virginia I22968
5 Blankenbaker, Margaret Peggy  28 Nov 1749Culpeper (Madison) County, Virginia I11317
6 Blankenbaker, Mary  1747Culpeper (Madison) County, Virginia I22971
7 Blankenbaker, Rosanna  1763Culpeper (Madison) County, Virginia I22979
8 Carpenter, Nancy  25 Aug 1796Culpeper (Madison) County, Virginia I11316
9 Clore, *Peter  1750Culpeper (Madison) County, Virginia I22016
10 Clore, Elizabeth  1745Culpeper (Madison) County, Virginia I14509
11 Clore, Elizabeth  7 Sep 1750Culpeper (Madison) County, Virginia I22939
12 Clore, John Clare Jr.  22 Jan 1748/49Culpeper (Madison) County, Virginia I158298
13 Clore, John Peter  Culpeper (Madison) County, Virginia I22148
14 Clore, Michael  Between 1745 and 1750Culpeper (Madison) County, Virginia I11433
15 Deer, Frances  3 Dec 1782Culpeper (Madison) County, Virginia I158270
16 Deer, Sarah "Sally"  1 May 1789Culpeper (Madison) County, Virginia I11311
17 Fishback, John  3 Mar 1779Culpeper (Madison) County, Virginia I11309
18 Fisher, Benjamin  18 Feb 1763Culpeper (Madison) County, Virginia I21801
19 Gaines, George  29 Oct 1766Culpeper (Madison) County, Virginia I21799
20 Graves, John  19 Jan 1767Culpeper (Madison) County, Virginia I21791
21 Graves, Susannah  30 Dec 1764Culpeper (Madison) County, Virginia I21800
22 Rice, Ann  21 Nov 1741Culpeper (Madison) County, Virginia I21794
23 Utz, Joanna Quick  11 Jul 1791Culpeper (Madison) County, Virginia I11312
24 Yager, Jacob Yeager  26 Jul 1775Culpeper (Madison) County, Virginia I21983
25 Yager, John H. Yeager  Culpeper (Madison) County, Virginia I21980
26 Yager, Joseph Yeager  Culpeper (Madison) County, Virginia I21986
27 Yager, Samuel Yeager  14 May 1777Culpeper (Madison) County, Virginia I21985
28 Yager, Susannah Yeager  Culpeper (Madison) County, Virginia I21981


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Blankenbaker, Michael  Culpeper (Madison) County, Virginia I22966
2 Clore, Elizabeth  1790Culpeper (Madison) County, Virginia I22939
3 Clore, Johannes John Michael Klaar Sr.  20 Jun 1785Culpeper (Madison) County, Virginia I158296
4 Garr, Elizabeth Barbar  Aft 21 Jun 1790Culpeper (Madison) County, Virginia I22967
5 Kaifer, *Dorothea Dorothy Cafer  Between 1762 and 1779Culpeper (Madison) County, Virginia I158297


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Clore / Blankenbaker  Bef 28 Nov 1769Culpeper (Madison) County, Virginia F8960
2 Graves / Rice  30 Nov 1760Culpeper (Madison) County, Virginia F7624
3 Wayman / Clore  1772Culpeper (Madison) County, Virginia F4441
4 Yager / Check  16 Oct 1806Culpeper (Madison) County, Virginia F7675