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Corsham, Wiltshire



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Jones, Ruth  Abt 1838Corsham, Wiltshire I167327
2 May, Alfred  Abt 1829Corsham, Wiltshire I166244
3 May, Alfred  Abt 1876Corsham, Wiltshire I166227
4 May, Charlotte Catherine  Abt 1828Corsham, Wiltshire I166245
5 May, Charlotte Catherine  Abt 1874Corsham, Wiltshire I166229
6 May, Edward  Abt 1868Corsham, Wiltshire I167265
7 May, Elenor  Abt 1836Corsham, Wiltshire I166243
8 May, Ellen  Abt 1879Corsham, Wiltshire I166226
9 May, Ellen  Abt 1907Corsham, Wiltshire I167320
10 May, Emily Jones  Abt 1870Corsham, Wiltshire I166232
11 May, George  Abt 1844Corsham, Wiltshire I166240
12 May, Henry Thomas  Jun 1864Corsham, Wiltshire I166233
13 May, Job  Abt 1840Corsham, Wiltshire I166241
14 May, John  1867Corsham, Wiltshire I166234
15 May, Pearce  Abt 1905Corsham, Wiltshire I167321
16 May, Rosalie  Abt 1883Corsham, Wiltshire I166224
17 May, Rose  Abt 1908Corsham, Wiltshire I167319
18 May, Samuel  Abt 1802Corsham, Wiltshire I166236
19 May, Samuel  1881Corsham, Wiltshire I166225
20 May, Selina  Abt 1838Corsham, Wiltshire I166242
21 May, Thomas  Jul 1841Corsham, Wiltshire I167326
22 Porter, Mary Ann  Abt 1803Corsham, Wiltshire I166235


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 May, Alfred  1 Apr 1960Corsham, Wiltshire I166227
2 May, Samuel  Jun 1855Corsham, Wiltshire I166236
3 May, Samuel  1886Corsham, Wiltshire I166225