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Bucks County, Pennsylvania



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Walter, Catharine  29 Aug 1772Bucks County, Pennsylvania I17352
2 Taylor, Lydia Y.  16 Nov 1819Bucks County, Pennsylvania I10795
3 Reingle, Maria Magladena  3 Mar 1753Bucks County, Pennsylvania I11611
4 Lloyd, William  9 Mar 1816Bucks County, Pennsylvania I10754
5 Lloyd, Sarah  30 Sep 1819Bucks County, Pennsylvania I10809
6 Lloyd, Sarah  3 Aug 1813Bucks County, Pennsylvania I10753
7 Lloyd, Oliver  6 Aug 1822Bucks County, Pennsylvania I10810
8 Lloyd, James  26 Sep 1826Bucks County, Pennsylvania I10812
9 Lloyd, Elizabeth B.  20 Jun 1824Bucks County, Pennsylvania I10811
10 Lloyd, Elizabeth  31 Jan 1822Bucks County, Pennsylvania I10756
11 Lloyd, Edith  12 Jun 1884Bucks County, Pennsylvania I10801
12 Lloyd, Charles  23 Jul 1845Bucks County, Pennsylvania I10799
13 Lloyd, Benjamin J.  6 Mar 1819Bucks County, Pennsylvania I10755
14 Lloyd, Benjamin  9 Oct 1831Bucks County, Pennsylvania I10813
15 Lloyd, Ann Elizabeth  25 Dec 1848Bucks County, Pennsylvania I10803
16 Kiker, John  1756Bucks County, Pennsylvania I17345
17 Kiker, George Adam  1754Bucks County, Pennsylvania I17344
18 Kiker, Conrad Keicher Kyker  Abt 1758Bucks County, Pennsylvania I17340
19 Freed, John  WFT Est 1735-1771Bucks County, Pennsylvania I147542
20 Child, Samuel Teas  6 Oct 1814Bucks County, Pennsylvania I10817
21 Child, Mary Teas  8 Dec 1846Bucks County, Pennsylvania I10821
22 Child, Harry L.  23 Jan 1841Bucks County, Pennsylvania I10820
23 Child, Ellis B.  9 Jan 1855Bucks County, Pennsylvania I10822


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Yardley, Ann  30 Mar 1845Bucks County, Pennsylvania I10750
2 Showalter, Peter  WFT Est 1730-1836Bucks County, Pennsylvania I147503
3 Showalter, John  WFT Est 1730-1836Bucks County, Pennsylvania I147506
4 Showalter, Jacob  WFT Est 1730-1836Bucks County, Pennsylvania I147505
5 Lloyd, Sarah  26 Nov 1874Bucks County, Pennsylvania I10809
6 Lloyd, Sarah  2 Oct 1832Bucks County, Pennsylvania I10753
7 Lloyd, Oliver  10 Feb 1861Bucks County, Pennsylvania I10810
8 Lloyd, Elizabeth B.  16 Mar 1896Bucks County, Pennsylvania I10811
9 Lloyd, Elizabeth  Jan 1893Bucks County, Pennsylvania I10756
10 Child, Samuel Teas  16 Oct 1895Bucks County, Pennsylvania I10817
11 Child, Mary Teas  16 Jan 1869Bucks County, Pennsylvania I10821
12 Child, Ellis B.  18 Jun 1868Bucks County, Pennsylvania I10822
13 Ahlgeyer, Anna Elizabeth  26 Aug 1747Bucks County, Pennsylvania I11608


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Yardley, Ann  Apr 1845Bucks County, Pennsylvania I10750
2 Lloyd, *Jesse  Sep 1832Bucks County, Pennsylvania I10732


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Lloyd / Verlenden  22 Mar 1882Bucks County, Pennsylvania F65578
2 Lloyd / Taylor  17 Feb 1842Bucks County, Pennsylvania F65564
3 Finlay / Love  4 Oct 1855Bucks County, Pennsylvania F65359
4 Child / Lloyd  25 Mar 1840Bucks County, Pennsylvania F65580