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Botetourt County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allsupp, Catherine Caty Alsop Alsup  1772Botetourt County, Virginia I18818
2 Allsupp, David Alsop Alsup  1773Botetourt County, Virginia I18817
3 Allsupp, Joseph Alsop Alsup  1770Botetourt County, Virginia I18816
4 Allsupp, Lucy Alsop Alsup  1770Botetourt County, Virginia I18815
5 Allsupp, Mary Alsop Alsup  1776Botetourt County, Virginia I18819
6 Beckelhymer, Elizabeth  1769Botetourt County, Virginia I8136
7 Beckelhymer, Joseph  1771Botetourt County, Virginia I8137
8 Bowen, Elizabeth  31 Oct 1767Botetourt County, Virginia I148569
9 Bowen, James  1790Botetourt County, Virginia I148957
10 Bowen, John  1778Botetourt County, Virginia I148955
11 Bowen, Magdalene  1785Botetourt County, Virginia I148956
12 Bowen, Mary  1776Botetourt County, Virginia I148954
13 Bowen, Sarah  1791Botetourt County, Virginia I148958
14 Bowen, William  1774Botetourt County, Virginia I148953
15 Elkins, Katharin Kathryn Katherine Elkin  2 Jun 1784Botetourt County, Virginia I16773
16 McKnight, Mary  Abt 1769Botetourt County, Virginia I148616
17 Paul, Anne  30 Aug 1755Botetourt County, Virginia I148266
18 Paul, Audley  1770Botetourt County, Virginia I148277
19 Paul, Edley  1814Botetourt County, Virginia I148628
20 Paul, Elizabeth  Abt 1772Botetourt County, Virginia I148276
21 Paul, Elizabeth  Abt 1801Botetourt County, Virginia I148624
22 Paul, George Mcknight  1794Botetourt County, Virginia I148620
23 Paul, Jane  Abt 1770Botetourt County, Virginia I148274
24 Paul, John  Abt 1756Botetourt County, Virginia I148269
25 Paul, John  Abt 1807Botetourt County, Virginia I148626
26 Paul, Mary  3 Jun 1803Botetourt County, Virginia I148625
27 Paul, Nancy  1795Botetourt County, Virginia I148621
28 Paul, Rebecca  Abt 1764Botetourt County, Virginia I148271
29 Paul, Rebecca  Abt 1791Botetourt County, Virginia I148619
30 Paul, Stewart  1799Botetourt County, Virginia I148623
31 Paul, Virginia  Abt 1797Botetourt County, Virginia I148622


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bowen, William  Oct 1828Botetourt County, Virginia I148254
2 Mathews, William  1772Botetourt County, Virginia I148231
3 Woods, Martha  14 Dec 1834Botetourt County, Virginia I59453


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bowen / Smith  25 Aug 1795Botetourt County, Virginia F61034
2 Lafon / Bowen  1797Botetourt County, Virginia F61035
3 Taylor / Paul  WFT Est 1767-1792Botetourt County, Virginia F60768
4 Titus / Mathews  6 Apr 1775Botetourt County, Virginia F60754