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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
51 Case, Malcolm Douglas   I132425
52 Case, Margaret Lodemia  23 Jul 1782Bloomfield, Hartford Co., CT I117924
53 Case, Marian Wolcott  13 Nov 1832Bloomfield, Hartford Co., CT I120692
54 Case, Martin  2 Feb 1807Bloomfield, Hartford Co., CT I105788
55 Case, Mary Jennette  23 Feb 1824Bloomfield, Hartford Co., CT I120652
56 Case, Mary Louise  21 Nov 1873Bloomfield, Hartford Co., CT I131398
57 Case, Miron Jeffrey  9 Jul 1860Bloomfield, Hartford Co., CT I131388
58 Case, Nellie Emeline  7 Mar 1877Bloomfield, Hartford Co., CT I131400
59 Case, Pelatiah  1798Bloomfield, Hartford Co., CT I105797
60 Case, Peletiah  Abt 1792Bloomfield, Hartford Co., CT I113518
61 Case, Polly  3 Jun 1786Bloomfield, Hartford Co., CT I113488
62 Case, Ramona Mae   I132426
63 Case, Rhoda  Abt 1795Bloomfield, Hartford Co., CT I113493
64 Case, Rocksany  12 Aug 1797Bloomfield, Hartford Co., CT I113495
65 Case, Rufus  Abt 1793Bloomfield, Hartford Co., CT I113492
66 Case, Russell Newberry  6 Dec 1909Bloomfield, Hartford Co., CT I132255
67 Case, Ruth  5 Jul 1784Bloomfield, Hartford Co., CT I113458
68 Case, Samuel  1789Bloomfield, Hartford Co., CT I113490
69 Case, Samuel  1804Bloomfield, Hartford Co., CT I113521
70 Case, Samuel Stoughton  9 Mar 1828Bloomfield, Hartford Co., CT I120690
71 Case, Seymour  7 Aug 1850Bloomfield, Hartford Co., CT I131374
72 Case, Sophia  Bloomfield, Hartford Co., CT I117930
73 Case, Unknown  Bloomfield, Hartford Co., CT I113523
74 Case, Venelia Rosabelle  13 Sep 1868Bloomfield, Hartford Co., CT I131360
75 Case, William Chester  26 Feb 1837Bloomfield, Hartford Co., CT I120693
76 Case, William G.  12 Aug 1834Bloomfield, Hartford Co., CT I123013
77 Case, Zelah  22 Oct 1799Bloomfield, Hartford Co., CT I117931
78 Evans, Emeline  8 Apr 1814Bloomfield, Hartford Co., CT I123026
79 Fagan, Mary Ann  5 May 1847Bloomfield, Hartford Co., CT I131395
80 Hoskins, Roxy  Abt 1781Bloomfield, Hartford Co., CT I118728
81 Hubbard, Anginette  9 Aug 1849Bloomfield, Hartford Co., CT I127233
82 Hubbard, Maria R.  Abt 1840Bloomfield, Hartford Co., CT I126582
83 Humphrey, Sophronia  31 Mar 1849Bloomfield, Hartford Co., CT I131419
84 Roberts, Laura Amanda  17 Nov 1792Bloomfield, Hartford Co., CT I120636
85 Whiton, Harry Augustus  11 Jan 1876Bloomfield, Hartford Co., CT I132201

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