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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Pharr, Anne  WFT Est 1804-1841Young I149898
2 Stewart, Jean (of Appin)  Young I51893


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barnewall, Batholomew  Young I45427
2 Beauclerk, Seymour  Young I78913
3 Bonaparte, Teresa N  Young I86830
4 Boscawen, Charles  Young I26204
5 Boscawen, Diana  Young I26199
6 Boscawen, Elizabeth  Young I26203
7 Boscawen, Harriet  Young I26202
8 Boulogne, Son of  Young I39067
9 Boulogne, Son of  Young I39070
10 Bruce, John  Oct 1327Young I39042
11 Buonaparte, Nobile Alessandro  Young I87315
12 Buonaparte, Nobile Giovanni Battista  Young I87296
13 Buonaparte, Nobile Maddalena  Young I87316
14 Buonaparte, Nobile Marianna  Young I87350
15 Buonaparte, Nobile Paola  Young I87298
16 Camoys, Son  Young I42605
17 Campbell, George Lord Glenorchy  24 Mar 1743/44Young I56149
18 Campbell, Patrick  14 Jun 1507Young I42736
19 Case, Sarah  Young I116509
20 Churchill, Jasper  Young I90134
21 Churchill, Mountjoy  Young I90133
22 Churchill, Winston  Young I90132
23 Clarke, Willie Cornelia  WFT Est 1836-1939Young I149824
24 Cochrane, Argyll  Young I88985
25 D'aubigny, Agatha  Young I50509
26 D'aubigny, Olivia  Young I50508
27 D'eu, Raoul  1186Young I43085
28 Darnley, Charles  Young I66398
29 De Burgh, Magota  Young I39983
30 De Camoys, Hugh (2nd Lord Camoys)  1426Young I69444
31 De Freville, Baldwin  Young I88538
32 De Rohan-Chabot, Gillone  Young I90643
33 Douglas, Martin  Young I5648
34 Douglas, Patience  Young I5657
35 Douglas, Samuel  Young I26120
36 Douglas, Son  Young I40064
37 Drake, Samuel  Young I123142
38 Drummond, William  Young I86457
39 Duff, Mary  Young I55373
40 England, Euphemia of  Young I39062
41 Fairfax, Charles (Viscount Fairfax of Emley)  23 Oct 1715Young I53001
42 Fairfax, Thomas (Viscount Fairfax of Emley)  25 Feb 1649/50Young I52997
43 Fitzduncan, William The Boy of Egremony  Young I39759
44 Fitzgerald, Henry  1683Young I45883
45 Hamilton, Charles (Earl of Arran)  1640Young I47363
46 Hayes, ? Hayes  WFT Est 1943-2003Young I148435
47 Howard, Talbot  Young I43595
48 Hungerford, Francis (Lord Ros)  5 Mar 1618/19Young I45905
49 Hungerford, Henry (Lord Ros)  1618Young I45904
50 Huntington, Maud of  1152Young I39859

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