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Tazewell County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Maxwell, Betsy  WFT Est 1816-1843Tazewell County, Virginia I149490
2 Maxwell, Edley  Abt 1808Tazewell County, Virginia I149391
3 Maxwell, Edley  21 Nov 1812Tazewell County, Virginia I149407
4 Maxwell, Edley C.  1826Tazewell County, Virginia I149513
5 Maxwell, Edley Campbell  29 Oct 1836Tazewell County, Virginia I149529
6 Maxwell, Frances A.  1835Tazewell County, Virginia I149501
7 Maxwell, Frances Jane  8 Aug 1833Tazewell County, Virginia I149528
8 Maxwell, James  13 Sep 1810Tazewell County, Virginia I149406
9 Maxwell, James  Abt 1816Tazewell County, Virginia I149392
10 Maxwell, James  WFT Est 1810-1828Tazewell County, Virginia I149492
11 Maxwell, Jane  30 Apr 1817Tazewell County, Virginia I149409
12 Maxwell, John  6 Apr 1788Tazewell County, Virginia I148698
13 Maxwell, John Harmon  15 Mar 1815Tazewell County, Virginia I149408
14 Maxwell, John Irwin  Abt 1814Tazewell County, Virginia I149522
15 Maxwell, John Irwin  Abt 1822Tazewell County, Virginia I149393
16 Maxwell, Joseph  18 Sep 1800Tazewell County, Virginia I148704
17 Maxwell, Margaret  12 Oct 1826Tazewell County, Virginia I149413
18 Maxwell, Mary  17 Jul 1824Tazewell County, Virginia I149412
19 Maxwell, Nancy  5 Feb 1820Tazewell County, Virginia I149410
20 Maxwell, Rebecca  31 May 1790Tazewell County, Virginia I148702
21 Maxwell, Rebecca F.  27 Apr 1830Tazewell County, Virginia I149414
22 Maxwell, Robert A.  1834Tazewell County, Virginia I149500
23 Maxwell, Samuel T.  1837Tazewell County, Virginia I149502
24 Maxwell, Thomas  Abt 1796Tazewell County, Virginia I148703
25 Maxwell, Thomas Catal  8 Aug 1833Tazewell County, Virginia I149527
26 Maxwell, Thomas H.  1832Tazewell County, Virginia I149499
27 Maxwell, William  Abt 1806Tazewell County, Virginia I149390
28 Maxwell, William M.  24 Oct 1811Tazewell County, Virginia I148705
29 Maxwell, William Mcdowell  5 Sep 1828Tazewell County, Virginia I149498
30 Maxwell, William Q.  29 Mar 1822Tazewell County, Virginia I149411
31 Sensintaffar, Elizabeth  26 Jul 1813Tazewell County, Virginia I149517
32 Sensintaffar, Mary  22 May 1811Tazewell County, Virginia I148706
33 Whitley, Nancy Matilda  7 Apr 1834Tazewell County, Virginia I149628
34 Whitley, Robert  25 Feb 1836Tazewell County, Virginia I149645


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allsupp, Samuel Alsop Alsup  1855Tazewell County, Virginia I18820
2 Maxwell, Frances Jane  Dec 1835Tazewell County, Virginia I149528
3 Maxwell, Margaret  15 Feb 1828Tazewell County, Virginia I149413


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hannon / Maxwell  4 Aug 1825Tazewell County, Virginia F60945
2 Maxwell / Maxwell  23 Jan 1806Tazewell County, Virginia F60943
3 Maxwell / Sensintaffar  17 May 1832Tazewell County, Virginia F60949
4 Maxwell / Sensintaffar  15 Jul 1835Tazewell County, Virginia F60941