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Stranraer, Wigtonshire, Scotland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Douglas, Ann Earl  25 Apr 1806Stranraer, Wigtonshire, Scotland I170983 My Genealogy 
2 Douglas, David  Abt 1824Stranraer, Wigtonshire, Scotland I25407 My Genealogy 
3 Douglas, Elizabeth Taylor  11 Jun 1801Stranraer, Wigtonshire, Scotland I170977 My Genealogy 
4 Douglas, Isabella Black  21 Apr 1813Stranraer, Wigtonshire, Scotland I170991 My Genealogy 
5 Douglas, James  19 Apr 1811Stranraer, Wigtonshire, Scotland I170989 My Genealogy 
6 Douglas, James  Abt 3 Jul 1826Stranraer, Wigtonshire, Scotland I25563 My Genealogy 
7 Douglas, Jane  13 Sep 1808Stranraer, Wigtonshire, Scotland I170985 My Genealogy 
8 Douglas, Jane  Abt 28 Mar 1821Stranraer, Wigtonshire, Scotland I25406 My Genealogy 
9 Douglas, Jean  26 Apr 1804Stranraer, Wigtonshire, Scotland I170982 My Genealogy 
10 Douglas, Jean  9 Dec 1829Stranraer, Wigtonshire, Scotland I32722 My Genealogy 
11 Douglas, Jessie  22 Feb 1813Stranraer, Wigtonshire, Scotland I25384 My Genealogy 
12 Douglas, John  31 Dec 1809Stranraer, Wigtonshire, Scotland I170987 My Genealogy 
13 Douglas, John Alexander  Abt 5 Sep 1814Stranraer, Wigtonshire, Scotland I25385 My Genealogy 
14 Douglas, Margaret  1 Aug 1802Stranraer, Wigtonshire, Scotland I170980 My Genealogy 
15 Douglas, Margaret  Abt 16 May 1816Stranraer, Wigtonshire, Scotland I25386 My Genealogy 
16 Douglas, Mary  Abt 1831Stranraer, Wigtonshire, Scotland I25569 My Genealogy 
17 Douglas, Patrick  1835Stranraer, Wigtonshire, Scotland I152698 My Genealogy 
18 Douglas, Wilhelmina (or Williamina)  Abt 30 Aug 1818Stranraer, Wigtonshire, Scotland I25405 My Genealogy 
19 Douglas, William  1815Stranraer, Wigtonshire, Scotland I170993 My Genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Douglas, Jean  16 Apr 1805Stranraer, Wigtonshire, Scotland I170982 My Genealogy 
2 Douglas, William  29 Apr 1831Stranraer, Wigtonshire, Scotland I18674 My Genealogy 
3 McCombling, Jean  2 Aug 1842Stranraer, Wigtonshire, Scotland I170976 My Genealogy 


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Douglas / Cruikshank  9 Jun 1856Stranraer, Wigtonshire, Scotland F70307 My Genealogy 
2 Douglas / McCombling  16 Jun 1800Stranraer, Wigtonshire, Scotland F71733 My Genealogy 
3 Ellis / Douglas  9 Jun 1828Stranraer, Wigtonshire, Scotland F71736 My Genealogy 
4 Laurie / Douglas  10 Sep 1839Stranraer, Wigtonshire, Scotland F71737 My Genealogy 
5 McCaig / Douglas  9 Jul 1845Stranraer, Wigtonshire, Scotland F71741 My Genealogy 
6 McClelland / Douglas  29 Jan 1844Stranraer, Wigtonshire, Scotland F71738 My Genealogy