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Simsbury, Harford Co., CT



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barber, Thomas III  5 Sep 1728Simsbury, Harford Co., CT I114671
2 Case, Abigail  10 Sep 1725Simsbury, Harford Co., CT I114626
3 Case, Abraham  20 Aug 1720Simsbury, Harford Co., CT I114814
4 Case, Amos  1712Simsbury, Harford Co., CT I114588
5 Case, Capt. Charles  1 Jul 1723Simsbury, Harford Co., CT I113289
6 Case, Daniel II  21 Jan 1719/20Simsbury, Harford Co., CT I115278
7 Case, Elizabeth  1710Simsbury, Harford Co., CT I114587
8 Case, Isaac  23 Oct 1717Simsbury, Harford Co., CT I114590
9 Case, Capt. Job  3 Jun 1737Simsbury, Harford Co., CT I114630
10 Case, Capt. John  19 Feb 1718/19Simsbury, Harford Co., CT I114616
11 Case, Lydia  1 Sep 1741Simsbury, Harford Co., CT I114631
12 Case, Martha  31 Jul 1735Simsbury, Harford Co., CT I114629
13 Case, Mary  1701Simsbury, Harford Co., CT I114585
14 Case, Mary  8 Nov 1704Simsbury, Harford Co., CT I114586
15 Case, Mary  29 Dec 1727Simsbury, Harford Co., CT I114627
16 Case, Mindwell  24 Oct 1721Simsbury, Harford Co., CT I114717
17 Case, Noah  4 Oct 1720Simsbury, Harford Co., CT I114734
18 Case, Sarah  1715Simsbury, Harford Co., CT I114589
19 Higley, Joseph  21 Oct 1715Simsbury, Harford Co., CT I114593
20 Holcomb, Jonathan  25 Nov 1701Simsbury, Harford Co., CT I114547
21 Humphrey, Mary  16 Nov 1681Simsbury, Harford Co., CT I114583
22 Poison, Sarah  Simsbury, Harford Co., CT I114621
23 Slater, John  17 Sep 1730Simsbury, Harford Co., CT I114619


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barber, Thomas III  8 Jan 1794Simsbury, Harford Co., CT I114671
2 Case, Bartholomew  25 Oct 1725Simsbury, Harford Co., CT I105835
3 Case, Mary  23 Apr 1701Simsbury, Harford Co., CT I114585
4 Case, Sarah  12 Jun 1756Simsbury, Harford Co., CT I114589
5 Higley, Joseph  5 May 1790Simsbury, Harford Co., CT I114593
6 Holcomb, Jonathan  29 Jun 1737Simsbury, Harford Co., CT I114547