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Owston, Lincolnshire



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cave, Sarah  Dec 1818Owston, Lincolnshire I167047
2 Fletcher, Ann Eliza  Apr 1858Owston, Lincolnshire I167081
3 Fletcher, Ann Elizabeth  Abt 1856Owston, Lincolnshire I166044
4 Fletcher, Charles Cave  Abt 1846Owston, Lincolnshire I167085
5 Fletcher, Emily  Apr 1852Owston, Lincolnshire I167075
6 Fletcher, George  Oct 1837Owston, Lincolnshire I166022
7 Fletcher, John  Oct 1847Owston, Lincolnshire I167080
8 Fletcher, John S  Abt 1858Owston, Lincolnshire I166043
9 Fletcher, Joseph  Abt 1827Owston, Lincolnshire I166023
10 Fletcher, Levina  Abt 1843Owston, Lincolnshire I167086
11 Fletcher, Mary  Jan 1854Owston, Lincolnshire I167082
12 Fletcher, Phoebe  Abt 1854Owston, Lincolnshire I166045
13 Fletcher, William  Abt 1793Owston, Lincolnshire I167083
14 Fletcher, William  Abt 1819Owston, Lincolnshire I167046
15 Nelson, Rachel Harriet  Apr 1868Owston, Lincolnshire I167592
16 Nelson, Sarah  Abt 1858Owston, Lincolnshire I166033
17 Spencer, Ann  Abt 1849Owston, Lincolnshire I166068
18 Spencer, Eliza  Abt 1847Owston, Lincolnshire I166069
19 Spencer, Margaret  Abt 1856Owston, Lincolnshire I166067