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Lucan, Ontario



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Armitage, Alfarina Alvina  1865Lucan, Ontario I100438
2 Chown, Sam  Lucan, Ontario I110992
3 Cunningham, Catherine Ann   I97058
4 Cunningham, Hazel Jean   I97057
5 Cunningham, Joan Elizabeth   I97056
6 Cunningham, Marion Dianne   I97059
7 Dunkley, Tom  Lucan, Ontario I99901
8 Fairless, Roy  Lucan, Ontario I99848
9 Hardy, Angela Francis   I96937
10 Hardy, William Glen   I96938
11 Hodgins, "Long" John  23 Aug 1835Lucan, Ontario I95177
12 Hodgins, Adam Albert  1862Lucan, Ontario I95788
13 Hodgins, Adam Herman  3 Mar 1879Lucan, Ontario I95322
14 Hodgins, Apha Isabella  Lucan, Ontario I95799
15 Hodgins, Catherine  1857Lucan, Ontario I95093
16 Hodgins, Donald  Lucan, Ontario I96601
17 Hodgins, Edna Irene  15 Oct 1898Lucan, Ontario I95920
18 Hodgins, Edward Ainsley "Ned"  Lucan, Ontario I98941
19 Hodgins, Elizabeth  Lucan, Ontario I96602
20 Hodgins, Elizabeth  1839Lucan, Ontario I95787
21 Hodgins, Elizabeth  Jul 1868Lucan, Ontario I95790
22 Hodgins, Dr. George Lyle Dr.  Lucan, Ontario I98939
23 Hodgins, Grace  Lucan, Ontario I98942
24 Hodgins, Dr. Herbert John Dr.  1882Lucan, Ontario I96653
25 Hodgins, Isabella  Lucan, Ontario I96597
26 Hodgins, Isabella  1974Lucan, Ontario I95792
27 Hodgins, Ivan  1896Lucan, Ontario I95800
28 Hodgins, James "Butcher Jim"  3 Dec 1844Lucan, Ontario I95786
29 Hodgins, James Boyd  1848Lucan, Ontario I95297
30 Hodgins, John Leslie  8 Aug 1900Lucan, Ontario I95958
31 Hodgins, John Walter  1 Apr 1878Lucan, Ontario I95793
32 Hodgins, Joseph  Lucan, Ontario I96596
33 Hodgins, Joseph "Running Joe"  14 Apr 1864Lucan, Ontario I95789
34 Hodgins, Lorraine  Lucan, Ontario I96599
35 Hodgins, Margaret  Lucan, Ontario I96595
36 Hodgins, Mary Anne  1847Lucan, Ontario I95296
37 Hodgins, Minnie Alfretta  2 Aug 1877Lucan, Ontario I95321
38 Hodgins, Rebecca Albertha  1872Lucan, Ontario I95791
39 Hodgins, Richard "Richard of Granton"  1841Lucan, Ontario I99038
40 Hodgins, Roland James  27 May 1899Lucan, Ontario I96592
41 Hodgins, Shirley  Lucan, Ontario I96598
42 Hodgins, Susan  1839Lucan, Ontario I99037
43 Hodgins, Thomas Aljo  1892Lucan, Ontario I98940
44 Hodgins, Thomas Haskett "Long Tom"  8 Aug 1837Lucan, Ontario I95784
45 Hodgins, Tom "Young Nigger Tom"  10 Dec 1841Lucan, Ontario I96724
46 Hodgins, Viola  Lucan, Ontario I96591
47 Hodgins, William  Lucan, Ontario I96600
48 Hodgins, William Henry  7 Oct 1856Lucan, Ontario I95092
49 Latta, Carol Ann   I97085
50 Latta, David Paul   I97087

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Hodgins, Adam  15 May 1872Lucan, Ontario I95237
2 Hodgins, Anna Maria  2 Feb 1907Lucan, Ontario I100393
3 Hodgins, Thomas Aljo  6 Sep 1963Lucan, Ontario I98940
4 Hodgins, Walter  Lucan, Ontario I110982
5 Hodgins, William Clarence  Lucan, Ontario I110837
6 Porte, Rebecca  1848Lucan, Ontario I99034
7 Sceli, William  8 May 1882Lucan, Ontario I100372


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hodgins / Macdougall  Lucan, Ontario F42416