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Geneseo, Henry County, Illinois



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bastian, Charles  5 Jan 1862Geneseo, Henry County, Illinois I22046
2 Blair, Ella Lenore  28 Dec 1928Geneseo, Henry County, Illinois I10154
3 Blair, Richard G. Doctor  1 Jun 1927Geneseo, Henry County, Illinois I10007
4 Combs, Marilyn Mae  26 Sep 1928Geneseo, Henry County, Illinois I10652
5 Van Den Woestyne, Clarence Joseph  12 Apr 1906Geneseo, Henry County, Illinois I11206


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Combs, Marilyn Mae  8 Jul 1990Geneseo, Henry County, Illinois I10652
2 Combs, Roy Henry  26 Jun 2000Geneseo, Henry County, Illinois I10468
3 Cornette, Madeline  30 Sep 1991Geneseo, Henry County, Illinois I11229
4 De Kezel, Charles  Bef Aug 1971Geneseo, Henry County, Illinois I10012
5 Dekesel, Augusta R.  27 Feb 2001Geneseo, Henry County, Illinois I10019
6 Dekesel, Irene C.  18 Nov 1998Geneseo, Henry County, Illinois I158931
7 Ghys, Alphons Ghijs  5 Dec 1995Geneseo, Henry County, Illinois I10906
8 Gobeyn, Mary  12 Jul 1929Geneseo, Henry County, Illinois I11228
9 Graham, Robert M.  Apr 1960Geneseo, Henry County, Illinois I13661
10 Hartley, Dorothy Carrie L.  7 Sep 1948Geneseo, Henry County, Illinois I10462
11 Hornecker, Verna Mae  19 Aug 1972Geneseo, Henry County, Illinois I10660
12 Mariman, Edward John  Jun 1979Geneseo, Henry County, Illinois I10884
13 Mariman, Selma Margaret  17 Jul 1997Geneseo, Henry County, Illinois I11088
14 Reschke, Helen A.  6 Jul 1979Geneseo, Henry County, Illinois I10649
15 Roeland, Emma Roelandt  22 May 1964Geneseo, Henry County, Illinois I11196
16 Van Den Woestyne, *Desire Disere  19 Mar 1960Geneseo, Henry County, Illinois I10891
17 Van Den Woestyne, *Virgil Emil  10 Nov 1993Geneseo, Henry County, Illinois I10898
18 Van Den Woestyne, Clarence Joseph  17 Jul 1996Geneseo, Henry County, Illinois I11206
19 Van Den Woestyne, Grace Mae  28 Nov 1987Geneseo, Henry County, Illinois I11205
20 Van Den Woestyne, Ralph Leroy  27 May 1977Geneseo, Henry County, Illinois I11201
21 Van Den Woestyne, Seraphine Seraphien Leo  5 Aug 1979Geneseo, Henry County, Illinois I11204
22 Van Den Woestyne, Wilbert Desire  21 Oct 1964Geneseo, Henry County, Illinois I11207
23 Vanopdorp, August Gus  1986Geneseo, Henry County, Illinois I11077
24 Weatherspoon, Witherspoon Robert  30 Apr 1901Geneseo, Henry County, Illinois I12391


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Combs / Reschke  Aug 1927Geneseo, Henry County, Illinois F65485
2 Coppejans / Mariman  4 Feb 1932Geneseo, Henry County, Illinois F65672
3 Van Den Woestyne / Dekezel  7 Feb 1937Geneseo, Henry County, Illinois F65354
4 Van Den Woestyne / Yarger  3 Sep 1888Geneseo, Henry County, Illinois F4427
5 Vanopdorp / Mariman  3 May 1928Geneseo, Henry County, Illinois F65671