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Fentress County, Tennessee



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Godbey, Timothy Carpenter  11 Sep 1813Fentress County, Tennessee I18593
2 Grooms, **John S.  16 Feb 1821Fentress County, Tennessee I12897
3 Grooms, Carline  1846Fentress County, Tennessee I12905
4 Grooms, Daniel  1823Fentress County, Tennessee I12892
5 Grooms, Elizabeth  1842Fentress County, Tennessee I12903
6 Grooms, James Jas  1835Fentress County, Tennessee I12883
7 Grooms, John  1838Fentress County, Tennessee I12901
8 Grooms, Louisa  1835Fentress County, Tennessee I12899
9 Grooms, Martha  1840Fentress County, Tennessee I12902
10 Grooms, Nancy  1847Fentress County, Tennessee I12909
11 Grooms, Narcissa  1846Fentress County, Tennessee I12908
12 Grooms, Nelly  1843Fentress County, Tennessee I12904
13 Grooms, Pierson  1849Fentress County, Tennessee I12910
14 Grooms, Polly  1832Fentress County, Tennessee I12893
15 Grooms, Rachel  1837Fentress County, Tennessee I12900
16 Grooms, Sarah  1838Fentress County, Tennessee I12896
17 Grooms, Thomas  1836Fentress County, Tennessee I12895
18 Paul, Catherine  1837Fentress County, Tennessee I148942
19 Paul, Dan C.  1839Fentress County, Tennessee I148945
20 Paul, Edley  1824Fentress County, Tennessee I148937
21 Paul, Ella  1840Fentress County, Tennessee I148947
22 Paul, John  1840Fentress County, Tennessee I148946
23 Paul, Margaret Jane  1841Fentress County, Tennessee I148948
24 Paul, Martin Luther  1846Fentress County, Tennessee I148949
25 Paul, Mary Ann  1830Fentress County, Tennessee I148939
26 Paul, Timothy C.  1835Fentress County, Tennessee I148941
27 Paul, Walter Blackburn  1834Fentress County, Tennessee I148940
28 Riley, Sarah  1821Fentress County, Tennessee I12907


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Mrs.  Between 1836 and 1840Fentress County, Tennessee I159997