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California, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Woods, Velda Viola  3 Jun 1915California, USA I59381
2 West, George  22 Oct 1917California, USA I21127
3 Vogel, Sandra   I103079
4 Vogel, David  17 OctCalifornia, USA I103076
5 Unknown, Margaret E.  1890California, USA I168512
6 Samuels, Ked  2 Feb 1875California, USA I109811
7 Ogden, Lina  1878California, USA I12389
8 Neville, Rhoda Roxanna Sofia De Francia   I20
9 Meckleen, Regina E.  Abt 1859California, USA I122328
10 McKaig, Randy  Abt 1950California, USA I446
11 McKaig, Mark   I451
12 McKaig, Kathy   I447
13 McKaig, John   I452
14 McKaig, Erin   I448
15 Lyles, Jessie May  1892California, USA I21104
16 Lyles, Harry  California, USA I21103
17 Leege, Millie  11 Jun 1878California, USA I109803
18 Kellogg, Anneleise   I94082
19 Kellogg, Andrew   I94081
20 Husband  California, USA I22243
21 Hamilton, Unknown  California, USA I21116
22 Hamilton, Tommy  California, USA I21115
23 Hamilton, Della  1887California, USA I21100
24 Hamilton, Claud H.  24 Dec 1889California, USA I21101
25 Hamilton, Ann  1905California, USA I20819
26 Hamilton, Alexander S.  1 Apr 1892California, USA I21128
27 Douglass, William Noble  12 Dec 1895California, USA I109155
28 Douglass, Verda C  20 Dec 1893California, USA I109814
29 Douglass, Mary A  California, USA I109535
30 Douglass, Marvin B  1 Oct 1902California, USA I109808
31 Douglass, Luther S  23 Oct 1876California, USA I109536
32 Douglass, Lester  6 Sep 1872California, USA I109534
33 Douglass, Eva Myrle  20 Aug 1898California, USA I109807
34 Douglass, Daniel M  30 Dec 1868California, USA I109532
35 Douglass, Charles  Apr 1870California, USA I109533
36 Douglass, Anderson C  27 May 1906California, USA I109810
37 Dann, Nancy  California, USA I96406
38 Dann, Mark  California, USA I96405
39 Dann, Brian  California, USA I96404
40 Croal, George  WFT Est 1855-1906California, USA I128916
41 Canfield, Annie Laura  2 Mar 1874California, USA I109813
42 Barker, Ella  California, USA I109806
43 Allen, Thomas  California, USA I109706
44 Allen, Robert  California, USA I109705
45 Allen, Mary D  California, USA I109704
46 A, Nella  1876California, USA I22242


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Woods, Samual Simeon  30 Nov 1918California, USA I59382
2 Wethington, Cyril V.  1 Jan 1992California, USA I19336
3 West, George  25 Mar 1932California, USA I21127
4 Weir, Arthur Curtis  28 Feb 1962California, USA I150003
5 Turley, Robert Baron  1985California, USA I145287
6 Riddle, Lawrence Edgar  10 Apr 1995California, USA I145892
7 Riddle, Foster O.  28 Dec 1957California, USA I145884
8 Riddle, Claude Jackson  Nov 1946California, USA I145883
9 Reynolds, James  22 Jul 1867California, USA I21037
10 Rector, Dorothy  Nov 1974California, USA I35913
11 Ramsay, Martha  23 Jun 1899California, USA I20976
12 Pepple, Raymond Finley  18 Jul 1977California, USA I23893
13 Miller, Archibald  1987California, USA I72837
14 Metier, Monty Alvin  1954California, USA I109477
15 McGinnis, T. Archibald  California, USA I25961
16 McDonald, Thomas  1970California, USA I27200
17 Maxwell, Laura Catherina  31 Dec 1964California, USA I149920
18 Lillie, Eldergert E  4 Sep 1962California, USA I123391
19 Labaw, Martha  California, USA I8874
20 Labaw, Helen Wilmans  25 May 1958California, USA I8876
21 Labaw, Edna  California, USA I8872
22 Johnson, Russell  California, USA I35150
23 Horton, Smith  California, USA I133374
24 Hodgins, Wellington  1885California, USA I94531
25 Haskett, Thomas Henry  7 Oct 1951California, USA I94677
26 Haskett, Elva Lavera  California, USA I94799
27 Hamilton, Claud H.  4 Aug 1970California, USA I21101
28 Hall, Sherry  11 Oct 1985California, USA I94052
29 Douglass, George Charles  4 Jan 1939California, USA I165492
30 Douglas, Jack  17 Apr 2012California, USA I33850
31 Douglas, Doya (Lloyd) Cassel  13 Feb 1951California, USA I106712
32 Douglas, Alfred Lemar  30 May 1969California, USA I105247
33 Clark, Mary Helen  9 Jul 1899California, USA I132242
34 Champion, James Hedley  California, USA I153322
35 Caughey, Mary  California, USA I24958
36 Case, Orrin Israel  1899California, USA I126367
37 Case, George Emmett  3 Jan 1890California, USA I121988
38 Brackett, Grace Amee  11 Jul 1958California, USA I171107
39 Ashby, Dunham  California, USA I35806


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Hall, Lowe Ransie  California, USA I141930


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Woods / Harris  Abt 1914California, USA F26642
2 Shollenberger / Case  Apr 1928California, USA F57024
3 Richardson / Douglass  California, USA F69674
4 Douglass / Leege  California, USA F48616