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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
51 Gleadowe-Newcomen, Thomas (2nd Viscount Newcomen)  15 Jan 1825Unmarried I69962
52 Gordon, John (2nd Viscount Kenmure)  Aug 1639Unmarried I68570
53 Gordon, John (Sir) (of Strathbogie)  Bef 10 Nov 1395Unmarried I75412
54 Grant, Francis William  11 Mar 1840Unmarried I63387
55 Grant, James Thomas  28 Jul 1804Unmarried I74839
56 Grenville, Thomas (1st Lord of Admiralty)  17 Dec 1846Unmarried I86637
57 Grimston, Sir Harbottle Luckyn (4th Bt)  4 Feb 1736/37Unmarried I41466
58 Haldane, Mungo (15th of Gleneagles)  6 Jan 1755Unmarried I77486
59 Halkett, Peter (Sir) (3rd Bt of Pitfirrane)  1792Unmarried I61608
60 Halyburton, James (Lord Dirleton)  Aft 2 Feb 1502Unmarried I66562
61 Hamilton, Gustavus (2nd Viscount Boyne)  18 Apr 1746Unmarried I86352
62 Hamilton, James (8th Earl of Abercorn)  Unmarried I50280
63 Hamilton, William (Lord Daer)  20 Feb 1741/42Unmarried I67514
64 Hastings, Henry Cecil Plantagenet  22 Nov 1886Unmarried I37840
65 Hastings, Sir John (de jure 13th Lord)  10 Feb 1513-1514Unmarried I92878
66 Hastings, Sir John (de jure, 15th Lord)  8 Jan 1541-1542Unmarried I92879
67 Hay, Charles (13th Earl of Erroll)  13 Oct 1717Unmarried I54235
68 Hay, Thomas (Sir) (of Locherwort & Yester)  Feb 1433-1434Unmarried I47324
69 Hay, William (6th Earl of Kinnoull)  10 May 1710Unmarried I53947
70 Jocelyn, William Henry (6th Earl of Roden)  23 Jan 1910Unmarried I82236
71 Johnstone, George (4th Earl of Annandale & Hart)  29 Apr 1792Unmarried I60935
72 Keith, George (9th Earl Marischal)  23 May 1778Unmarried I53475
73 Ker, John (3rd Duke of Roxburghe)  19 Mar 1804Unmarried I54875
74 Ker, Robert (4th Earl of Roxburghe)  13 Jul 1696Unmarried I54870
75 Kirkpatrick, Eliza  Unmarried I78497
76 Kirkpatrick, James  Unmarried I55263
77 Le Botiller, Theobald 2nd Lord  14 May 1299Unmarried I43930
78 Lee, Edward Henry (Viscount Quarendon)  1713Unmarried I68482
79 Leslie, Patrick (2nd Lord Lindores)  8 Aug 1649Unmarried I53385
80 Livingston, James (2nd Viscount Kilsyth)  1706Unmarried I64748
81 Livingston, James (of Calendar) 2nd Lord  1497Unmarried I43622
82 Lowry-Corry, Oscar Henry  24 Nov 1904Unmarried I70460
83 Macdonald, Allan  8 Jan 1793Unmarried I58330
84 Macdonald, Allan  1797Unmarried I58328
85 Macdonald, Allan (3rd of Waternish)  Unmarried I58187
86 Macdonald, Catherine  1880Unmarried I58128
87 Macdonald, Charles Clanranald  17 Feb 1899Unmarried I58458
88 Macdonald, Clementina  1874Unmarried I58127
89 Macdonald, Donald  1854Unmarried I58188
90 Macdonald, Donald (Sir) (5th Bt of Sealt)  1720Unmarried I56656
91 Macdonald, Flora  Unmarried I58389
92 Macdonald, Flora  25 Dec 1899Unmarried I57615
93 Macdonald, Gilbert  1836Unmarried I58204
94 Macdonald, Gordon Alexander  1809Unmarried I57564
95 Macdonald, James (10th of Morar)  Oct 1811Unmarried I56969
96 Macdonald, James (Sir)8Thbt of Sleat Macdonald of  26 Jul 1766Unmarried I55235
97 Macdonald, Jane  1874Unmarried I58129
98 Macdonald, Monica  7 Jun 1950Unmarried I58352
99 Macdonald, Ranald (15th of Clanranald)  13 Jun 1725Unmarried I57003
100 Macdonell, Alastair  Unmarried I72957

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