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Polk County, Iowa



Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Fox, Jemima Jane  10 May 1860Polk County, Iowa I158865
2 Johnson, Dulaney L.  15 Jul 1872Polk County, Iowa I18972
3 Johnson, Georgia L.  1875Polk County, Iowa I18974
4 Johnson, Perry C.  1879Polk County, Iowa I18975
5 Mitchell, Charles Charlie J.  12 Jun 1902Polk County, Iowa I19023
6 Tyler, Bruce Noble  10 Jul 1914Polk County, Iowa I18869
7 Tyler, Charles Owen  Apr 1888Polk County, Iowa I18876
8 Tyler, Doris  Polk County, Iowa I19013
9 Tyler, Frankie Leroy  25 Apr 1918Polk County, Iowa I19073
10 Tyler, Howard Allen  8 Nov 1921Polk County, Iowa I19074
11 Tyler, Isaac Issa Raymond  Dec 1886Polk County, Iowa I18875
12 Tyler, Jesse Clarence  3 Aug 1881Polk County, Iowa I18873
13 Tyler, Lois L.  Polk County, Iowa I19069
14 Tyler, Ora Orrie M.  23 Nov 1916Polk County, Iowa I18870
15 Tyler, Phoebe Hester E.  24 Jul 1912Polk County, Iowa I18868
16 Tyler, Ruby Mina Meria  6 Apr 1910Polk County, Iowa I18867
17 Tyler, Teressa Teresa Myrtle Cora  5 Dec 1883Polk County, Iowa I18874


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Deaton, Emma Isabelle  5 Mar 1917Polk County, Iowa I18988
2 Johnson, David Charles  10 Dec 1952Polk County, Iowa I19140
3 Johnson, Dulaney L.  Oct 1918Polk County, Iowa I18972
4 Kline, Albert R.  1952Polk County, Iowa I19107
5 Mitchell, Charles Charlie J.  Mar 1984Polk County, Iowa I19023
6 Mitchell, Irving  9 Jul 1927Polk County, Iowa I19025
7 Mitchell, Mary Elizabeth  1947Polk County, Iowa I19010
8 Tyler, Betty Lois  31 Oct 1925Polk County, Iowa I19019
9 Tyler, Earnest Earnes E.  Mar 1970Polk County, Iowa I18877
10 Tyler, Jesse Clarence  1947Polk County, Iowa I18873
11 Tyler, Noah Josiah  5 Feb 1942Polk County, Iowa I158867
12 Tyler, Rachel Rachael  Aft 1920Polk County, Iowa I18844
13 Tyler, Teressa Teresa Myrtle Cora  11 Dec 1918Polk County, Iowa I18874


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Johnson / Armstrong  21 Jan 1896Polk County, Iowa F6829
2 Johnson / Tyler  2 Sep 1869Polk County, Iowa F6580
3 Justus / Tyler  1942Polk County, Iowa F6791
4 Mitchell / Tyler  19 Aug 1900Polk County, Iowa F6794
5 Tyler / Clark  3 Sep 1900Polk County, Iowa F9233
6 Tyler / Deaton  1889Polk County, Iowa F9232
7 Tyler / Ellis  10 Sep 1893Polk County, Iowa F9231
8 Tyler / Fox  25 Dec 1876Polk County, Iowa F9230
9 Tyler / Miller  12 Oct 1907Polk County, Iowa F6858
10 Tyler / Mitchell  26 Jun 1907Polk County, Iowa F6793