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Ontario, Canada



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Margaret  Apr 1864Ontario, Canada I3730
2 Armitage, Annie Victoria  30 Jan 1903Ontario, Canada I96394
3 Armitage, Gordon  Ontario, Canada I96395
4 Armitage, Hilton Eugene  Ontario, Canada I96396
5 Armitage, Wilmar  Ontario, Canada I96397
6 Armitage, Wilson   I96398
7 Bancroft, Harriet  28 Dec 1834Ontario, Canada I165476
8 Case, Andrew Philander  Abt 1854Ontario, Canada I133075
9 Case, Franklin  Jun 1841Ontario, Canada I133073
10 Case, Levi  Abt 1850Ontario, Canada I133074
11 Case, Norman Harrison  Abt 1855Ontario, Canada I133076
12 Case, Wilmot Harrison  Abt 1837Ontario, Canada I133072
13 Cramer, Douglas  1836Ontario, Canada I171726
14 Cramer, Samuel  1801Ontario, Canada I171722
15 Davis, Jane  9 Nov 1837Ontario, Canada I152292
16 Douglas, Emma Mary  Abt 1844Ontario, Canada I59127
17 Douglas, John  Aug 1854Ontario, Canada I3729
18 Evelina  1861Ontario, Canada I30247
19 Flewelling, (Agnes) Nancy  1832Ontario, Canada I171703
20 Flewelling, (Elizabeth) Caroline  1827Ontario, Canada I171699
21 Flewelling, Catherine  1838Ontario, Canada I171709
22 Flewelling, Emaline Patience  Abt 1835Ontario, Canada I171707
23 Flewelling, John  1852Ontario, Canada I171719
24 Flewelling, Lydia  1846Ontario, Canada I171717
25 Flewelling, Margaretta  1829Ontario, Canada I171701
26 Flewelling, Martha  1839Ontario, Canada I171711
27 Flewelling, Robert W.  1840Ontario, Canada I171713
28 Flewelling, William Henry  1833Ontario, Canada I171705
29 Georgiona  1851Ontario, Canada I30202
30 Haskett, Isabella  25 May 1858Ontario, Canada I94672
31 Hodgins, Ekron Portice  Ontario, Canada I99100
32 Hodgins, Ellen  Ontario, Canada I99094
33 Hodgins, Henry  1870Ontario, Canada I99092
34 Hodgins, Hubert  1870Ontario, Canada I99093
35 Hodgins, Hubert  Jul 1884Ontario, Canada I99099
36 Hodgins, James Edward "Sundown Jim, Long Jim"  8 Jan 1869Ontario, Canada I99091
37 Hodgins, Richard  1871Ontario, Canada I99096
38 Hodgins, Richard  1878Ontario, Canada I99097
39 Hodgins, Sarah A.  1881Ontario, Canada I99098
40 Hodgins, Rev. Walter Rev.  Ontario, Canada I99095
41 Howard  Ontario, Canada I21681
42 Leduc, Dilisia  1876Ontario, Canada I30758
43 Lewis, Larry  Ontario, Canada I96425
44 Mackintosh, Marion St. Clair  Abt 1876Ontario, Canada I445888
45 McGougan, Archibald  1856Ontario, Canada I171712
46 Murdock, Margaret Ann  2 Mar 1848Ontario, Canada I76713
47 Rondeau, Bruce   I97307
48 Rondeau, Keith   I97308
49 Sibbald, Angeline  1834Ontario, Canada I171678
50 Sibbald, Helen P.  1837Ontario, Canada I171680

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (Joe), Joseph Henry Champion  Ontario, Canada I4792
2 Champion, Joseph Henry (Joe)  ? ??? ????Ontario, Canada I153324
3 Douglas, Joseph Ray  23 Jun 1913Ontario, Canada I105686
4 Douglas, William Walter  12 Apr 1944Ontario, Canada I153186
5 Garlick, Ellen Eliza  12 Jul 1931Ontario, Canada I154296
6 Harrison, George Billings II  31 May 1955Ontario, Canada I35828
7 Harrison, Hannah  1944Ontario, Canada I96513
8 Haskett, Isabella  Jul 1858Ontario, Canada I94672
9 Hodgins, Anne  1 Apr 1899Ontario, Canada I96906
10 Hodgins, Deborah  Ontario, Canada I96908
11 Hodgins, Hubert  1871Ontario, Canada I99093
12 Hodgins, Jane  Ontario, Canada I96635
13 Hodgins, Joseph  1873Ontario, Canada I96700
14 Hodgins, Richard  1877Ontario, Canada I99096
15 Hodgins, Richard  1889Ontario, Canada I96701
16 Holmes, Eliza  1884Ontario, Canada I95687
17 Irving, Mary Crone  16 Sep 1864Ontario, Canada I73643
18 Johnstone, Jane Rolla  7 Sep 1936Ontario, Canada I74056
19 Johnstone, William (Dr)  11 Dec 1875Ontario, Canada I73641
20 Mather, Jean  17 Aug 1866Ontario, Canada I172041
21 Relph, Ida M.  3 Jul 1963Ontario, Canada I150944
22 Richardson, John  Ontario, Canada I96945
23 Sherwood, Milton Homer  Ontario, Canada I122838


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Harlton / Sceli  23 Sep 1852Ontario, Canada F43862
2 Leduc / Anastasie  1881Ontario, Canada F11385
3 Leduc / Ellen  Ontario, Canada F11118
4 Leduc / Evelina  Ontario, Canada F11125