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Jackson County, Indiana



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
151 Reynolds, Richard  Feb 1850Jackson County, Indiana I14868
152 Reynolds, Sarah E.  1845Jackson County, Indiana I18798
153 Robertson, Frederick  1857Jackson County, Indiana I19712
154 Robertson, Leonidas L.  1850Jackson County, Indiana I19711
155 Shortridge, Andrew  1866Jackson County, Indiana I20371
156 Shortridge, Annie  1868Jackson County, Indiana I20372
157 Shortridge, Canzadia A.  1865Jackson County, Indiana I18231
158 Shortridge, George W.  Mar 1870Jackson County, Indiana I20373
159 Shortridge, John  Feb 1880Jackson County, Indiana I20378
160 Shortridge, John W.  1856Jackson County, Indiana I20367
161 Shortridge, Margaret  1860Jackson County, Indiana I20374
162 Shortridge, Martha  1867Jackson County, Indiana I20375
163 Shortridge, Mary  1864Jackson County, Indiana I20370
164 Shortridge, Miles  1870Jackson County, Indiana I20376
165 Shortridge, Rebecca  1858Jackson County, Indiana I20368
166 Shortridge, Rosetta  1872Jackson County, Indiana I20377
167 Shortridge, Vina  1862Jackson County, Indiana I20369
168 Stogdill, *Jesse  Between 1831 and 1834Jackson County, Indiana I16835
169 Stogdill, *Martha Matilda  1861Jackson County, Indiana I16825
170 Stogdill, *Polly  1834Jackson County, Indiana I17141
171 Stogdill, *Samuel  1827Jackson County, Indiana I16805
172 Stogdill, Anna  1848Jackson County, Indiana I16848
173 Stogdill, Charlie  Jackson County, Indiana I16812
174 Stogdill, Clarenda  1855Jackson County, Indiana I19391
175 Stogdill, Cymantha  Sep 1850Jackson County, Indiana I9932
176 Stogdill, David  Jackson County, Indiana I16813
177 Stogdill, Dicey Jane  1853Jackson County, Indiana I16874
178 Stogdill, Easter  1856Jackson County, Indiana I16809
179 Stogdill, Emmeline  1852Jackson County, Indiana I16807
180 Stogdill, Francis M.  Between 27 Dec 1852 and 1854Jackson County, Indiana I17066
181 Stogdill, James  1839Jackson County, Indiana I16837
182 Stogdill, Levi  1859Jackson County, Indiana I16810
183 Stogdill, Mahala Mahulda  1869Jackson County, Indiana I18236
184 Stogdill, Margaret  1854Jackson County, Indiana I16808
185 Stogdill, Mary Etta  Jackson County, Indiana I16815
186 Stogdill, Morris  1846Jackson County, Indiana I16846
187 Stogdill, Robert  1848Jackson County, Indiana I16873
188 Stogdill, Sarah Ellen  1858Jackson County, Indiana I16875
189 Stogdill, Sylvania Silvinia  1847Jackson County, Indiana I14114
190 Stogdill, Thomas  1841Jackson County, Indiana I16841
191 Stogdill, William  1842Jackson County, Indiana I16844
192 Stogdill, William Willie E.  1882Jackson County, Indiana I16814
193 Warner, Earl  Jackson County, Indiana I20358

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