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Fairfield County, South Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Calmes, Elizabeth Emaline  9 Feb 1817Fairfield County, South Carolina I603418
2 Calmes, James Marquis  28 Mar 1813Fairfield County, South Carolina I603417
3 Calmes, Mary Caldwell  3 Mar 1821Fairfield County, South Carolina I603420
4 Cockrell, Margaret E.  25 May 1831Fairfield County, South Carolina I596930
5 Harrison, David Thomas  19 Sep 1858Fairfield County, South Carolina I603034
6 Harrison, Eli Hunt  16 Jul 1823Fairfield County, South Carolina I598508
7 Harrison, Eli Hunt  1848Fairfield County, South Carolina I603012
8 Harrison, John Douglass  1846Fairfield County, South Carolina I603001
9 Harrison, John Douglass  Abt 1876Fairfield County, South Carolina I600089
10 Harrison, Lucy Reeves  1855Fairfield County, South Carolina I603068
11 Harrison, Mary Lunsford  Abt 1864Fairfield County, South Carolina I600078
12 Harrison, Narcissa  1770Fairfield County, South Carolina I599814
13 Harrison, Rebecca Leatherd  1862Fairfield County, South Carolina I603079
14 Harrison, Robert Wade  1863Fairfield County, South Carolina I603057
15 Harrison, Swanson Lunsford  1852Fairfield County, South Carolina I603023
16 Harrison, Sylvester  1857Fairfield County, South Carolina I603045
17 Johnston, Adeline Meek  27 May 1814Fairfield County, South Carolina I600198
18 Johnston, Charlotte Rebecca  20 May 1811Fairfield County, South Carolina I600196
19 Johnston, John Caldwell  15 Oct 1797Fairfield County, South Carolina I600191
20 Johnston, Nancy  9 Oct 1795Fairfield County, South Carolina I600201
21 Johnston, Samuel  12 May 1791Fairfield County, South Carolina I600190
22 Johnston, Sarah  15 Apr 1789Fairfield County, South Carolina I600199
23 Johnstone, Job  7 Jun 1793Fairfield County, South Carolina I600598
24 Robertson, William  Abt 1788Fairfield County, South Carolina I603298
25 Stevenson, James Edwin  8 Nov 1915Fairfield County, South Carolina I603479


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adger, Margaret  9 Oct 1805Fairfield County, South Carolina I598963
2 Caldwell, Mary  29 Sep 1831Fairfield County, South Carolina I600171
3 Calmes, James Marquis  1 Jan 1821Fairfield County, South Carolina I603417
4 Cloud, William  Abt 1810Fairfield County, South Carolina I603121
5 Douglass, Elizabeth Fleming  26 Nov 1864Fairfield County, South Carolina I596656
6 Elder, Margaret J.  6 Aug 1884Fairfield County, South Carolina I604098
7 Hardin, Alice  Fairfield County, South Carolina I603123
8 Harrison, Eli Hunt  30 Dec 1866Fairfield County, South Carolina I598508
9 Johnston, James  13 Mar 1797Fairfield County, South Carolina I600925
10 McDonald, Hester  May 1818Fairfield County, South Carolina I600404
11 McKown, Jane  7 Dec 1825Fairfield County, South Carolina I599873
12 McMaster, George Hunter  18 Jul 1902Fairfield County, South Carolina I603656
13 McMaster, John  2 Sep 1864Fairfield County, South Carolina I603810
14 Turner, John  30 Jul 1807Fairfield County, South Carolina I598741


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Calmes / Johnston  28 Jun 1810Fairfield County, South Carolina F597813
2 Dixon / Harrison  1872Fairfield County, South Carolina F598859
3 Harrison / Bell  Abt 1880Fairfield County, South Carolina F598850
4 Harrison / Lewis  1886Fairfield County, South Carolina F598862
5 Harrison / Walker  Fairfield County, South Carolina F598833
6 Johnston / Johnston  11 Nov 1827Fairfield County, South Carolina F596368
7 Jones / Harrison  Fairfield County, South Carolina F597761