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Dromineer, Tipperary, Ireland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Hodgins, Henry  Dromineer, Tipperary, Ireland I96566
2 Hodgins, Sarah  Dromineer, Tipperary, Ireland I96569
3 Hodgins, Thomas  Dromineer, Tipperary, Ireland I96565
4 Hodgins, Tom  1787Dromineer, Tipperary, Ireland I95208
5 Hodgins, William  1796Dromineer, Tipperary, Ireland I96564
6 Hodgins, John  1797Dromineer, Tipperary, Ireland I95209
7 Hodgins, Adam  1799Dromineer, Tipperary, Ireland I95725
8 Hodgins, John  1805Dromineer, Tipperary, Ireland I96567
9 Hodgins, James "Jury James"  1808Dromineer, Tipperary, Ireland I96568