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Darke County, Ohio



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brewer, Lowell  29 Mar 1901Darke County, Ohio I23906
2 Budd, Nancy A. Nannie  Abt 1869Darke County, Ohio I11123
3 Budd, Ulysses  Abt 1875Darke County, Ohio I11122
4 Force, Bradford  Darke County, Ohio I23952
5 Force, Charles  1914Darke County, Ohio I23921
6 Force, Don Adrian  12 Aug 1918Darke County, Ohio I23922
7 Force, Edwin  1919Darke County, Ohio I23923
8 Force, Greenville  Darke County, Ohio I23953
9 Force, Louella W.  1911Darke County, Ohio I23920
10 Haber, James E.  Darke County, Ohio I23949
11 Laberman, Adrian Edward Laverman  5 Jan 1901Darke County, Ohio I23944
12 Pepple, Ida  Aug 1885Darke County, Ohio I23862
13 Pepple, Saloma Loma  12 Oct 1875Darke County, Ohio I23859
14 Pepple, Viola  2 Aug 1878Darke County, Ohio I23861
15 Redenbaugh, Amos  1860Darke County, Ohio I11124
16 Redenbaugh, Lova  1891Darke County, Ohio I24720
17 Redenbaugh, Orla Birt  19 Jun 1898Darke County, Ohio I24723
18 Redenbaugh, Robert  Oct 1882Darke County, Ohio I24718
19 Redenbaugh, Tiny  1910Darke County, Ohio I24727
20 Redenbaugh, Truman Arthur  19 Jan 1885Darke County, Ohio I24717
21 Redenbaugh, Truman C.  7 May 1929Darke County, Ohio I24734


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brewer, Elsie Mae  Aug 1979Darke County, Ohio I23905
2 Brewer, Lowell  Feb 1976Darke County, Ohio I23906
3 Budd, Henry B.  Bef 1910Darke County, Ohio I11118
4 Marker, Waldonia Marcella  23 Jun 1982Darke County, Ohio I24735
5 Pearson, Absolum  Bef 1920Darke County, Ohio I11125
6 Pepple, Bertha Anna  Dec 1978Darke County, Ohio I23866
7 Pepple, Saloma Loma  20 Aug 1968Darke County, Ohio I23859
8 Pepple, Viola  2 Apr 1958Darke County, Ohio I23861
9 Redenbaugh, Lova  27 Dec 1968Darke County, Ohio I24720
10 Redenbaugh, Orla Birt  17 Aug 1979Darke County, Ohio I24723
11 Redenbaugh, Truman Arthur  Aug 1966Darke County, Ohio I24717
12 Redinbaugh, Mary Frances  30 Nov 1937Darke County, Ohio I11116
13 Rose, Susannah Susie  Aft 1920Darke County, Ohio I11111
14 Sparks, Andrew  12 Dec 1856Darke County, Ohio I23324
15 Wasson, Calvin Abraham  17 Oct 1948Darke County, Ohio I23867


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Blakely / Budd  Abt 1898Darke County, Ohio F4395
2 Brewer / Pepple  9 May 1895Darke County, Ohio F8259
3 Budd / Rose  23 Jun 1867Darke County, Ohio F65678
4 Derr / Redenbaugh  22 Feb 1908Darke County, Ohio F8496
5 Force / Pepple  10 Mar 1903Darke County, Ohio F8260
6 Kinnamon / Pepple  8 Aug 1910Darke County, Ohio F8262
7 Pearson / Rose  Bef 1910Darke County, Ohio F4391
8 Pepple / Redinbaugh  3 Jan 1875Darke County, Ohio F4393
9 Redenbaugh / Marker  1925Darke County, Ohio F8498
10 Redenbaugh / Rose  19 Oct 1852Darke County, Ohio F65312
11 Wasson / Pepple  25 Dec 1901Darke County, Ohio F8257