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Clandeboye, Ontario



Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Hodgins, Ann  Clandeboye, Ontario I110984
2 Hodgins, Burleigh  Clandeboye, Ontario I96727
3 Hodgins, Frank  Clandeboye, Ontario I96726
4 Hodgins, Franklin  Clandeboye, Ontario I96578
5 Hodgins, George "Turkey George"  Clandeboye, Ontario I94385
6 Hodgins, James  Clandeboye, Ontario I96574
7 Hodgins, James  Clandeboye, Ontario I110985
8 Hodgins, Levi  Clandeboye, Ontario I96731
9 Hodgins, Manuel  Clandeboye, Ontario I96730
10 Hodgins, Maude  Clandeboye, Ontario I96733
11 Hodgins, Nell  Clandeboye, Ontario I96732
12 Hodgins, Phoebe  Clandeboye, Ontario I96728
13 Hodgins, Richard  Clandeboye, Ontario I96580
14 Hodgins, Robert  Clandeboye, Ontario I96576
15 Hodgins, Susan  Clandeboye, Ontario I110983
16 Hodgins, Thomas  Clandeboye, Ontario I96575
17 Hodgins, Thomas "Natey Tom"  Clandeboye, Ontario I96875
18 Hodgins, Walter  Clandeboye, Ontario I110982
19 Hodgins, William  Clandeboye, Ontario I96577
20 Lewis, Arnold  Clandeboye, Ontario I96414
21 Lewis, Betty Ann  Clandeboye, Ontario I96420
22 Lewis, Brenda  Clandeboye, Ontario I96423
23 Lewis, Cecil  Clandeboye, Ontario I96415
24 Lewis, Douglas  Clandeboye, Ontario I96419
25 Lewis, Gerald  Clandeboye, Ontario I96416
26 Lewis, Helen  Clandeboye, Ontario I96421
27 Lewis, Joan  Clandeboye, Ontario I96422
28 Hodgins, George "Bailiff George"  1836Clandeboye, Ontario I94527
29 Hodgins, John  1838Clandeboye, Ontario I96502
30 Hodgins, Hiram  5 Nov 1838Clandeboye, Ontario I94528
31 Hodgins, Samuel "Jury Sam"  1841Clandeboye, Ontario I96573
32 Hodgins, Isabella  Apr 1841Clandeboye, Ontario I94529
33 Hodgins, James  20 Mar 1843Clandeboye, Ontario I94530
34 Hodgins, Wellington  1847Clandeboye, Ontario I94531
35 Hodgins, Ellen  1850Clandeboye, Ontario I94532
36 Hodgins, Adam Kingsley  1859Clandeboye, Ontario I96579
37 Hodgson, Eva  1872Clandeboye, Ontario I95176
38 Hodgins, Sidney G. "Racer Sid"  1873Clandeboye, Ontario I96729
39 Latta, Robert James   I97097
40 Latta, Mary Joann   I97098
41 Latta, Donald Gregory   I97099
42 Latta, Douglas William   I97100


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Hodgins, George "Tullamore Or Tavern George"  29 Oct 1851Clandeboye, Ontario I94389
2 Hodgins, Tom "Young Nigger Tom"  8 May 1897Clandeboye, Ontario I96724
3 Miller, May  22 Apr 1908Clandeboye, Ontario I110649
4 Stanley, Robert  1923Clandeboye, Ontario I110520
5 Hodgins, Dianna  6 Feb 1926Clandeboye, Ontario I110328
6 Stanley, Florence  1946Clandeboye, Ontario I110522
7 Stanley, Hilson  2 Jun 1962Clandeboye, Ontario I110521
8 Radcliffe, Rachel  Sep 1970Clandeboye, Ontario I110523