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Chateaugay, New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Douglas, Adalaide Immogene  26 Jul 1849Chateaugay, New York I35693
2 Douglas, Albert Shepard  24 Aug 1856Chateaugay, New York I35706
3 Douglas, Alice Alberta  28 Sep 1858Chateaugay, New York I35696
4 Douglas, Calvin Sacket  30 Apr 1817Chateaugay, New York I35559
5 Douglas, Charlotte Maria  3 Aug 1824Chateaugay, New York I35566
6 Douglas, Clara Mary Jane  27 Jan 1847Chateaugay, New York I35699
7 Douglas, Clarissa  6 Oct 1829Chateaugay, New York I35568
8 Douglas, DeWitt Clinton  8 Nov 1826Chateaugay, New York I35567
9 Douglas, Edwin S.  18 Feb 1853Chateaugay, New York I35695
10 Douglas, Emma Theodosia  14 Sep 1850Chateaugay, New York I35712
11 Douglas, Ernest Alfred  5 Jul 1853Chateaugay, New York I35704
12 Douglas, George Manning  25 Nov 1831Chateaugay, New York I35569
13 Douglas, Herbert Grant  16 Mar 1869Chateaugay, New York I35709
14 Douglas, Herbert Lincoln  9 Jan 1866Chateaugay, New York I35708
15 Douglas, Jay Melvin  25 May 1858Chateaugay, New York I35725
16 Douglas, Leander  1 Feb 1821Chateaugay, New York I35565
17 Douglas, Leander Scriver  16 Jan 1859Chateaugay, New York I35707
18 Douglas, Martha Delana  3 Mar 1847Chateaugay, New York I35711
19 Douglas, Millard Fillmore  28 Jun 1851Chateaugay, New York I35694
20 Douglas, Sarah Ann  15 Jan 1819Chateaugay, New York I35560
21 Douglas, Walter Scott  26 Jan 1855Chateaugay, New York I35705
22 Shepard, Alice May  13 Jan 1860Chateaugay, New York I35722
23 Shepard, Elmer Grant  19 Jun 1864Chateaugay, New York I35723
24 Shepard, Frank Prescott  5 Sep 1858Chateaugay, New York I35721


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Douglas, George Washington  8 Jul 1854Chateaugay, New York I35555
2 Douglas, Millard Fillmore  4 Oct 1928Chateaugay, New York I35694