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Bartholomew County, Indiana



Latitude: 39.2058601388889, Longitude: -85.8976897222222


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Abraham Lincoln  19 Jul 1860Bartholomew County, Indiana I17042
2 Carson, *James  Aug 1859Bartholomew County, Indiana I10486
3 Carson, Anderson  Bartholomew County, Indiana I10492
4 Carson, Eliza Elizabeth  Bartholomew County, Indiana I10503
5 Carson, Francis E.  Bartholomew County, Indiana I10504
6 Carson, Israel  Bartholomew County, Indiana I10493
7 Carson, John H.  Bartholomew County, Indiana I10505
8 Elkins, Albert Andrew  29 Nov 1920Bartholomew County, Indiana I20350
9 Elkins, Andrew Thomas Jr.  9 Oct 1886Bartholomew County, Indiana I16996
10 Elkins, Howard Herald  25 Jan 1923Bartholomew County, Indiana I20351
11 Elkins, Loreda Mae  15 Jul 1916Bartholomew County, Indiana I20348
12 Elkins, Oscar Tilton  17 Apr 1917Bartholomew County, Indiana I20349
13 Johnson, Nancy Ann  1857Bartholomew County, Indiana I20203
14 Johnson, Thomas  1855Bartholomew County, Indiana I20202
15 Olmstead, Alice Allie  1874Bartholomew County, Indiana I20201
16 Olmstead, James F.  1858Bartholomew County, Indiana I20197
17 Olmstead, John  Apr 1867Bartholomew County, Indiana I20200
18 Olmstead, Lettie Anna  1865Bartholomew County, Indiana I20199
19 Olmstead, Mary  1863Bartholomew County, Indiana I20198
20 Redenbaugh, Harriet  5 Jan 1823Bartholomew County, Indiana I9602
21 Redenbaugh, Isabella  16 Mar 1811Bartholomew County, Indiana I9598


Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allsupp, Catherine Caty Alsop Alsup  Bartholomew County, Indiana I18818
2 Aynes, Clora A.  12 Aug 1962Bartholomew County, Indiana I20290
3 Aynes, Ethel  Aft 1972Bartholomew County, Indiana I20295
4 Baker, David  Bartholomew County, Indiana I20213
5 Carmichael, Samuel  28 Apr 1955Bartholomew County, Indiana I23798
6 Combs, Laura  14 Sep 1964Bartholomew County, Indiana I23756
7 Combs, Lillie  20 Jan 1981Bartholomew County, Indiana I23755
8 Cox, Rosa  Bartholomew County, Indiana I20334
9 Elkins, Albert Andrew  19 Jul 1972Bartholomew County, Indiana I20350
10 Elkins, Andrew James  11 Sep 1909Bartholomew County, Indiana I16944
11 Elkins, Anna  13 Jan 1938Bartholomew County, Indiana I20332
12 Elkins, Calvin  7 Jun 1955Bartholomew County, Indiana I16973
13 Elkins, Jacob  Bartholomew County, Indiana I16968
14 Elkins, John Wesley  1949Bartholomew County, Indiana I16979
15 Elkins, Loreda Mae  8 Oct 1986Bartholomew County, Indiana I20348
16 Elkins, Lovina Vina  4 Jan 1932Bartholomew County, Indiana I16975
17 Elkins, Margaret  Bartholomew County, Indiana I16945
18 Elkins, Oscar Tilton  12 Jan 1976Bartholomew County, Indiana I20349
19 Elkins, Rhoda  Bartholomew County, Indiana I16129
20 Elkins, Sarah Ann  1894Bartholomew County, Indiana I16937
21 Farlin, Addie Marie  30 May 1981Bartholomew County, Indiana I23778
22 Greathouse, Charles  3 Apr 1963Bartholomew County, Indiana I19631
23 Hatton, Charlotte  24 Mar 1970Bartholomew County, Indiana I20277
24 Hatton, Ora Ray  10 Jun 1973Bartholomew County, Indiana I20280
25 Hutchins, Nina  Bartholomew County, Indiana I23787
26 Johnston, Harvey Johnson  Bartholomew County, Indiana I16130
27 Krebbs, Andrew  14 Feb 1937Bartholomew County, Indiana I20338
28 Krebbs, James  22 Jun 1968Bartholomew County, Indiana I20340
29 Krebbs, June  1932Bartholomew County, Indiana I20337
30 Pittman, Abbie  28 May 1965Bartholomew County, Indiana I23779
31 Read, Delbert  6 Jul 1980Bartholomew County, Indiana I20264
32 Redenbaugh, John Henry  9 May 1857Bartholomew County, Indiana I9597
33 Robinson, Margaret Robertson  26 Apr 1928Bartholomew County, Indiana I16974
34 Sinclair, Nancy Ellen  Bartholomew County, Indiana I16971
35 Sullivan, William Jr.  Bartholomew County, Indiana I16950
36 Tabor, Roy  14 Oct 1974Bartholomew County, Indiana I20272
37 Tabor, Zetta Ann  Nov 1983Bartholomew County, Indiana I20271
38 Waltman, Lowell Carson  4 May 1972Bartholomew County, Indiana I23801


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Baker / Elkins  29 Nov 1916Bartholomew County, Indiana F7211
2 Davis / Tabor  Abt 1920Bartholomew County, Indiana F7217
3 Dill / Olmstead  2 Mar 1883Bartholomew County, Indiana F7203
4 Dill / Olmstead  14 Nov 1891Bartholomew County, Indiana F7206
5 Elkins / Beabout  22 Feb 1910Bartholomew County, Indiana F6249
6 Elkins / Cox  Abt 1948Bartholomew County, Indiana F6246
7 Elkins / Humphrey  7 Sep 1912Bartholomew County, Indiana F6255
8 Elkins / Morgason  13 May 1855Bartholomew County, Indiana F6222
9 Evans / Olmstead  5 Jun 1882Bartholomew County, Indiana F7204
10 Johnson / Elkins  20 Feb 1862Bartholomew County, Indiana F6224
11 Olmstead / Elkins  6 Jan 1856Bartholomew County, Indiana F6223
12 Olmstead / Hinds  9 Mar 1878Bartholomew County, Indiana F7202
13 Olmstead / Stader  26 Nov 1891Bartholomew County, Indiana F7205