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Sources of Information[1]

Male 1200 - Yes, date unknown

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  • Name Sources of Information 
    Born 1200  Updated August 2002 Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Died Yes, date unknown 
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     1. General Clan Genealogy Information,   b. 1200, Updated January 2003 Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Yes, date unknown
     2. Royal Houses Family Lines Web Sites Information,   b. 1200,   d. Yes, date unknown
     3. Names & Titles & Alt Spellings Alternatives,   d. Yes, date unknown
     4. Genealogy Sources For Us Presidents Information,   d. Yes, date unknown
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  • Notes 
      This list some of the sources of the information on this family tree.

      (The most up to date version of "Sources of Information" is at theRootsWeb page "Maclarens, Birtwistles and Other Families" at
      & there are more listed at "General Clan Genealogy INFORMATION" at )

      1. MACLARENS
      3.2 BOOKS
      .3 PICTS
      3.5 ADDITIONS

      1. MACLARENS
      Most of the information on the Maclarens has come from a Report (about1950s) of research into family of Robert Maclaren of Bainsford. (AlsoLaurie, Shaw, Liddell, Peddie, Findlay, Renny.) Commissioned by JohnFrederick Peverell Maclaren. See under Robert (of Bainsford) Maclaren (bAbt. 1778, d August 11, 1826)
      Much information was collected over many years by him and his daughterJean Gaselle Greer.
      Plus additional information on Maclarens of 20th & 21st Centuries isprovided by family members.

      Information on Maclaren Chiefs is mostly from:
      Margaret Maclaren of Maclaren. "The Maclarens. A History of ClanLabhran". 1976 & 1984. ISBN 0 946270 10 4. Copyright Donald Maclaren ofMaclaren.
      The Pentland Press, Edinburgh. Printed & bound by McCorquodale (Scotland)Ltd.

      And from information that Banks McLaurin found in "Notable Events in Clanand National History"

      "The Birtwistle Family, 1200- 1850 AD"
      by William A Birtwistle assisted by Ray Aspden.
      Including Birtwells of Accrington and Whalley, Birtwhistles of Yorkshireand other local spelling variations.

      (c) William A.Birwistle 1989. Published in Great Britain 1990.
      ISBN 09515337 0 3
      W.A. Birtwistle, Brier Nook, Park Cresent, Blaclkburn, Lancashire. UK
      Printed by Caxton Printing Co. (Accrington) Ltd., Tremellen Street,Accrington, UK.

      Plus much more collected by Glen Birtwistle in the late 1970s.

      See also
      Birtwistle Family Home Page
      By L. Alan Birtwhistle
      P.O. Box 980, Bridgehampton, New York 11932-0980
      A-United States
      Fax: 516-537-1029

      More information has come from:


      Stirnet Genealogy
      Families Database
      This has a huge amount of information on hundreds (and rapidlyincreasing), mostly landed, families in the 3 categories listed below. Itis more "user friendly" than most in that it shows many generations onone page.
      I - Ancient & Mythical
      II - Continental Families - Medieval & Renaissance
      III - British Families - Medieval, Renaissance & Modern
      (Note they also say "We will soon be offering CDs of the database forsale at a modest price.")
      Sources at

      Royal and Noble Genealogical Data on the Web
      Royal and Noble Genealogy
      Index to royal Genealogical Data - ordered by lastname"
      Peerages in Order of Precedence
      Author: Brian Tompsett
      This contains a huge amount of information including a great deal onBritish Peer's lineages, and Royal families of the many countries.
      Brian Tompsett's sources at

      Royal Genealogies -- Menu
      The site has a huge amount of information. Not as complete as "Royal andNoble Genealogical Data on the Web" but much quicker to move around in.
      By: Denis R. Reid, 149 Kimrose Lane, Broadview Heights, Ohio 44147-1258
      Internet Email address:
      (216) 237-5364

      The Baronage Press Online
      A lot of information on heraldry and genealogy.
      Also has an increasing amount of information on specific Scottishfamilies at Moncreiffe's Family Records (in Archives) at

      Clan Donald Genealogy Database
      Roddy Macdonald's Home Page
      Home of the Clan Donald Genealogy Database
      Family trees and information on Macdonalds and many Highland and LowlandScottish families.

      Vans Family Archive
      Contact: Jamie Vans
      Home Page: Vans Family Archive
      Excellent resource for many families in South West Scotland.
      Sources at

      "This is my genealogy page with royal and noble family trees, includinglists of rulers of many European countries." By Miroslav MAREK
      Is more user friendly than many, as it shows many generations on eachpage.

      Genealogy, et Cetera
      by Rod Davis
      Outline Descent Trees
      Also more user friendly than many, as it shows many generations on eachpage.

      Paul Theroff's Royal Genealogy Site
      A great many files on European noble families, including an extensive,four part, file on descendents of James I (of Britain) to the present.
      Also a link to AN ONLINE GOTHA

      Tudor Court
      This site has family lines and information on royalty, peerage andgentry. Don't know about the accuaracy of this one.

      Commonwealth War Graves Commission
      2 Marlow Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 7DX United Kingdom
      Telephone: +44 1628 634221
      Fax: +44 1628 771208
      This Register provides personal and service details and places ofcommemoration for the 1.7 million members of the Commonwealth forces whodied in the First or Second World Wars."
      Web site

      "Pictures of Famous People" 10s of thousands of pictures of paintings,drawings, statues, etc. Includes royal families of many Europeancountries, going back hundreds of years, even Roman Emperors.

      See also under the heading "ADDITIONAL GENEALOGY RESOURCES ON THE WEB" in"INFORMATION, General Clan Genealogy " shown in this file as the "Child"of "INFORMATION , Sources of "
      This includes:
      The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints INTERNET GENEALOGYSERVICE
      A huge data base well worth checking.
      Search at
      It also includes web site address for: Ancestry Message Boards, MailingLists, Family Trees.

      soc.genealogy.medieval is an unmoderated newsgroup for the discussion ofgenealogy and family history among people researching individuals wholived in medieval times. The primary focus of the group is likely to beon Europe and neighboring regions, but postings about genealogy in otherareas during this time period are welcomed.
      Search the Archive of Messages for GEN-MEDIEVAL Mailing

      3.2 BOOKS
      "Burke's Peerage" (popular name).
      Burke's Peerage & Baronetage 106th Edition, editor in chief CharlesMosley.
      Published by Burke's Peerage (Genealogical Books) Ltd., 7 rue du Bugnon,1299 Crans, Switzerland. 4122 776 5109 (Fax 4122 776 0889) (Owned byMorris Genealogocal Books SA.)

      Burke's Landed Gentry. Various editions
      AKA BURKE'S Genealogical and Heraldic History of the LANDED GENTRY. 1937,Edited by H Pirie-Gordon, Shaw Publishing Co. Ltd. London. And severalother years Burke's Peerage Limited, London

      Burke's Extinct & Dormant Peerages

      Burke's Extinct Baronetages

      Genealogy Junction at
      At present (Jan 18 2004) there are only a few CDs listed, but shortlythere will be a full range of CDs, books, and data, appertaining togenealogy, including CDs of: Burke's Peerage, 1836. The Peerage,Baronetage and Knightage of Great Britain and Ireland, 1861. BURKE'sHistory of Peerage & Commoners, 1836 (Burke's History of the LandedGentry or Commoners of Great Britain & Ireland.

      The Complete Peerage
      Complete Peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain & theUnited Kingdom. Extant, Extinct or Dormant. By G. E. Cokayne. 2000,SuttonPublishing Ltd, Gloucester.

      Debrett's Peerage and Baronetage,
      Comprises Information Concerning the Royal Family, Peerage andBaronetage. ISBN: 0312125577
      Debrett's Peerage Ltd., 86/88 Edgware Road, London W2 2YW
      For further information on Debrett's
      Phone # +44 (0)171 916 9633.

      "THE SCOTS PEERAGE" Founded on Wood's edition of Sir Robert Douglas'sPeerage of Scotland. Containing an Historical and Genealogical Account ofthe Nobility of that Kingdom. Edited by Sir James Balfour Paul, LL.D.,Lord Lyon King of Arms. (With Armorial Illustrations) Edinburgh: DavidDouglas 1908. Comprised of 9 volumes. Volume 1 was published in 1904 andvolume 8 in 1911. Volume 9, which includes the index probably came out ayear later. This set is available at the Sutro Library in San Franciscoand in the Denver Public Library, and many larger public libraries in theUS & UK. You can buy a copy of the set, in PDF, on a CD from TheScottish Genealogy Society ( at

      "Britain's Royal Families. The Complete Genealogy". Alison Weir, 1996.Pimlico. Random House.

      "History of the Counties of Ayr and Wigton" Vol 1, by James Paterson,1863. James Stillie, 79 Princes Street, Edinburgh

      "The Highland Clans": the dynastic origins, chiefs, and background of theclans
      and of some other families connected with Highland history." by Sir IainMoncreiffe of that Ilk (Albany Herald) First published in 1967.
      Revised 1982. Barrie & Jenkins Ltd. 17-21 Conway Street, London W1P 6JD

      "No Quarter Given" The Muster Roll of Prince Charles Edward Stuart's Army1745-1746
      Editors Alastair Livingstone of Bachuil, Christian W H Aikman, & BettyStuart Hart. Neil; 2001, Wilson Publishing, Glasgow. First published

      "Bygone Lochaber". Historical & Traditional. by Somerled MacMillian, 1971K & R Davidson Ltd. 205-207 West George Street, Glasgow (Printed forprivate collection).

      "The Highlands in History" C R MacKinnon of Dunakin, 1961. Collins,Glasgow & London

      "History of the Highlands" Vol II. Highland Clans & Highland Regiments.
      Edited by John S Keltie, 1882. Thomas C Jack

      "The Munro Tree (1734)" "A Genealogy and Chronology of the Munro's ofFoulis and other Families of the Clan." A manuscript compiled in 1734edited with Introduction and Notes by R.W Munro. Printed for subscribers, Edinburgh 1978

      "The Forgotten Monarchy of Scotland" HRH Prince Michael of Albany,2000.
      Element Books Ltd.. Shaftesbury, Dorset & Boston.

      "CELTIC SCOTLAND: A History of Ancient Alban" by William F. Skene, D.C.L.LL.D (Historiographer-Royal For Scotland) Volume III. "Land and People".Second Edition 1890 (First edition was 1880) David Douglas, Edinburgh.

      "The Calendar of Fearn: Text & Additions, 1471-1667" edit by R J Adam.Scottish Historical Society, 1991 (30. p 87, 88

      "The Earls of Ross and Their Descendants" Compiled by Francis NevileReid, 1894. (Reprinted from "the Scottish Antiquart: or Northern Notes &Queries") Reprinted 1987 by Scotpress, Bruceton Mills, West Virginia.

      "The Highlanders of Scotland," Their Origin, History, And Antiquities;With A Sketch Of Their Manners And Customs, And An Account Of The ClansInto Which They Were Divided, And of the State Of Society Which ExistedAmong Them. By William F. Skene, F.S.A. Scot
      (In two volumes.).1836, John Murray, Albemarle Street, London. TheSentinel Press, Stirling.

      e-mail :
      David Dale has done vast amount of research and has produced an excellentreport, which I would highly recommend to anyone interested.

      The Scottish Historical Review, Edinburgh University Press for TheScottish Historical Review Trust. Volume LXXVI, 2: No 202: October 1997.Printed by Page Bros., Norwich, England (

      "Kings & Queens of Scotland". Eileen Dunlop & Anthony Kamm. 1984.
      ISBN 0-86267-063-2 & ISBN 0 86267 055 1.
      Richard Drew Publishing Limited, 6 Clairmont Gardens, Glasgow G3 7LW

      "Kings and Queens" Collins Gem. by David Lambert and Randal Gray. 1991.Harper Collins Publishers.
      PO Box Glasgow, G4 0NB. ISBN 0 00 458954 8
      A Diagram book first created by Diagram Visual Information Limited ofKentish
      Town Road, London NW5 8SY

      "Britain's Kings and Queens" Sir George Bellew, KCB,KCVO.
      Pitkin Pictorials Ltd. 1986, Northway Andover, Hants. SP10 5BE
      Printed in Great Britain by Garrod and Lofthouse international Limited,Bedford, Caterham,Crawley

      "Scotland's Kings and Queens" by Alan Bold. 1980 Pitkin Pictorials,
      11 Wyfold Road, London SW6 6SG Printed in Great Britain by Garrod andLofthouse International Limited, Bedford, Caterham, Crawley

      "The Royal Line of Succession" The British Monarchy from Cerdic AD 534 toQueen Elizabeth II.
      Patrick W Montague-Smith, Late Editor, Debrett's Peerage
      Pitkin Pictorials Ltd. 1986, Northway Andover, Hants. SP10 5BE
      Printed in Great Britain by Cedar Colour, Chandlers Ford, Hants
      Britannia Internet Magazine.
      Internet Magazine. Design by Unica Multimedia
      Britannia British Monarchs
      see below

      Kings and Queen of Scotland
      By Scottish Radiance

      Collins Encyclopedia of Scotland. Edited by John Keay & Julia Keay.Harper Collins Publishers, Hammersmith, London. 1994

      3.3 PICTS
      A Pictish Home page

      Welcome to the Pictish Arts Society guide
      Who Were the Picts?

      Pictish Nation

      The Pictish Kings
      Sponsored by Catorina Fraser

      Mac Alpin's Treason: The End of the Picts

      Pictish Links

      e-mail :
      David Dale has done vast amount of research and has produced an excellentreport, which I would highly recommend to anyone interested.

      Plus more information under
      "General Clan Genealogy INFORMATION"
      (in this file shown as a child of "Sources of INFORMATION)

      More sources for many clans including BRUCE, CAMPBELL, CAMERON,CUNINGHAME, DUNBAR, FORBES, GRAHAM, LIVINGSTONE, MACDONALD, MACGREGOR,MACKENZIE, MACLAREN, MACLAUCHLAN, MACLEAN, MACLEOD, MACMILLAN, MUNRO,MURRAY, SINCLAIR, STEWART, WALLACE, under the clan name plus "CLANInformation Sources..." (in this file shown as "children" of "GeneralClan Genealogy INFORMATION")


      MILESIAN GENEALOGIES . from the Annals of the Four Masters.
      Kindness of Pat Traynor at

      "Adam through Kings of Ireland and Scotland To English Lines"
      at Southern Style web site at

      "Ancient Uladh. Kingdom of Ulster". In "Irelands History in Maps"
      By Dennis Walsh ( Very extensive information.
      "With a Special Focus on Ancient and Medieval Irish Tribes and Septs."

      Jim Kinsella ( Ancient Kinsella Lineage
      "Information taken from O'Hart's "Irish Pedigrees" and Rev. P.L.O'Toole's"History of the Clan O'Toole" "
      The Kinsella Homepage
      Jim Kinsella, the son of John Kinsella (who collected the information),son of Daniel Kinsella.

      Ancient Irish Royalty by Richard Michael Finn
      Very thorough. ( )

      The Clans of Ireland

      3.5 ADDITIONS
      Many corrections and additions have been made from information sent to meby Doug Hickling. Below are listed some of his sources with his comments.

      THE BARONAGE OF SCOTLAND. Containing, An Historical And GenealogicalAccount Of The Gentry Of That Kingdom. Collected from public records andchartularies of this country; The records and private writings offamilies; and the works of our best historians. By Sir Robert Douglas.Edinburgh 1796.
      "Sir Robert Douglas's THE BARONAGE OF SCOTLAND, published in 1798. Bysome miracle, the UC Berkeley rare book library had this work in itscollection and the quality of the paper was so high that they even madephotocopies of it for me."

      J. P. MacLean's THE HISTORY OF THE CLAN MACLEAN. This was published in1889 as is very good for its day. According to MacLean-Bristol, J. P.MacLean as well as the authors of all of the other published MacLeanhistories relied primarily on a manuscript by Dr. Hector MacLean entitledA BRIEF GENEALOGICAL ACCOUNT OF THE FAMILY OF MACLEAN. This was writtenor compiled in the 1730s and was published verbatim in Macfarlane'sGENEALOGICAL COLLECTIONS.

      GENEALOGICAL TABLES OF THE CLAN MACKENZIE by Major James D. Mackenzie,genealogical chart in volume 1 of THE EARLS OF CROMARTIE, by WilliamFraser.


      THE MUNRO TREE a Genealogy and Chronology of the Munro's of Foulis andother Families of the Clan. A manuscript compiled in 1734 edited withIntroduction and Notes by R.W Munro. Printed for subscribers , Edinburgh1978

      The first article is entitled THE FIRST HOUSE OF DE DOUVRES OR DECHILHAM, by G. Andrews Moriarty, published in the January 1951 issue ofNEHGR

      I am convinced that the most authoritative information on the MacLeodfamily is THE MACLEODS--THE GENEALOGY OF A CLAN, by Dr. Donald MacKinnonand Alick Morrison. I do not have the publication date but I believe thatit is 1968 and it was published by the Clan MacLeod Society in Edinburgh

      THE GENEALOGIST Including issues: Spring 1999, & V.9 No 2, Fall 1988

      G. I. Turner in THE GENEALOGIST, n.s., vol. XXII,

      an article by Bruce McAndrew, who is considered very reliable, in theperiodical DOUBLE TRESSURE, No. 4 (1982) pp 2-10

      Donald J. MacDonald of Castleton, in his highly regarded 1978 book CLANDONALD,

      Ronald Williams in his 1984 book THE LORDS OF THE ISLES


      Father Richard Augustin Hay GENEALOGIE OF THE SAINTECLAIRES OF ROSSLYN,re-published in 1835. Father Richard Augustin Hay lived in the householdof the Sinclairs of Rosslyn in the 17th century or so. Interestingly, acopy of his GENEALOGIE OF THE SAINTECLAIRES OF ROSSLYN, published in 1835with notes by an unidentified editor who points out that Hay's work issometimes flawed.

      SAINT-CLAIRS OF THE ISLES, by Roland William Saint-Claire, published in1898

      HISTORY OF THE SINCLAIR FAMILY IN EUROPE AND AMERICA, by Leonard AllisonMorrison, published in 1896 and which is currently available in a reprint.

      The Sinclair family has a very elaborate website,
      that has a great many articles and genealogical histories of theSinclairs.
      Detailed family lineage charts are entitled THE NORSE YEARS, THE NORMANDYYEARS, THE CRUSADER YEARS, THE NORMANDY YEARS, AND THE TEMPLAR YEARS,after which the line divides

      H. S. Cummings, wrote and published through Higginson Books of Salem MAtwo books. One is entitled THE GENEALOGY OF PRINCE HENRY SINCLAIR.

      THE MISCELLANY OF THE SPALDING CLUB, volume 4 (1849). One of thedocuments from the Dun charter chest is entitled NOTES RELATING TO THEFAMILY OF DUN.

      The GENEALOGICAL TREE OF THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF ERSKINE OF DUN, compiledafter 1830 by Alexander Sinclair

      THE LAIRDS OF DUN, by Violet Jacob, published in 1931

      TRANSACTIONS OF THE GAELIC SOCIETY OF INVERNESS, volume 12 (1885-1886),at pages 383-387


      THE RED BOOK OF MENTEITH, by William Fraser (1880)

  • Sources 
    1. [S883] Hamish Maclaren.