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Irial Faidh 10Th Monarch of Ireland[1]


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  • Name Irial Faidh 10Th Monarch of Ireland 
    Gender Male 
    Died 1670 BC Or 1271BC Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Buried Magh Muagh Find all individuals with events at this location 
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    Last Modified 19 Aug 2013 

    Father Heremon,   d. Bef 1699 BC Or 1285BC Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Mother Tea Tephi Princess of The House of David,   d. Yes, date unknown 
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     1. Eithrial 11Th King of Ireland,   d. 1650 BC Or 1251BC Find all individuals with events at this location
    Last Modified 24 Jan 2013 
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    • From
      Jim Kinsella ( Ancient Kinsella Lineage
      "Information taken from O'Hart's "Irish Pedigrees" and Rev. P.L.O'Toole's"History of the Clan O'Toole" "
      The Kinsella Homepage
      Jim Kinsella, the son of John Kinsella (who collected the information),son of Daniel Kinsella.

      "Irial Faidh (a prophet): his son, was the 10th Monarch of Ireland; died1670 BC. This was a very learned king; could foretell things to come; andcaused much of the country to be cleared of the ancient foreSt Helikewise built seven royal palaces(Rath Ciombaoigh, Rath Coincheada, RathMothuig, Rath Buirioch, Rath Luachat, Rath Croicne, and Rath Boachoill).He won four remarkable battles over his enemies: Ard Inmath, at Teabtha,where Stirne, the son of Dubh, son of Fomhar, was slain; the secondbattle was at Teanmhuighe, against the Fomhoraice, where Eichtghe, theirleader , was slain; the third was the battle of Loch Muighe, whereLugrot, the son of Moghfeibhis, was slain; and the fourth was the battleof Cuill Martho, where the four sons of Heber were defeated. Irial diedin the second year after this battle, having reigned 10 years, and wasburied at Magh Muagh. During his reign a great part of the country waslaid open, and freed from woods.
      Eithrial: his son; was the 11th Monarch; reigned 20 years. This princewas distinguished for his great learning; he wrote, with his own hand,the history and travels of the Badelians; nor was he less remarkable forhis valor and military accomplishments. He was slain by Conmaol, the sonof Heber Fionn, at the battle of Soirrean, in Leinster (1650 BC) leavingonly one son
      Foll-Aich: his son; was kept out of the Monarchy by Conmaol, the slayerof his father, who usurped his place.
      Tigernmas: his son; was the 13th Monarch, and reigned 50 years.
      Enboath: his so n. It was in this prince's lifetime that the Kingdom wasdivided in two parts by a line drawn from Drogheda to Limerick.
      Smiomghall: his son; in his lifetime the Picts in Scotland were forced toabide by their oath, and pay homage to the Irish Monarch; seven largewoods were also cut down.
      Fiacha Labhrainn: his son; was the 18th Monarch; reigned 24 years, slewEochaidh Faobharglas, of the line of Heber, at the battle of Carman.During his reign all the inhabitants of Scotland were brought insubjection to the Irish Monarchy, and the conquest was secured by his sonthe 20th Monarch. Fiacha at length (1448 BC) fell in the battle ofBealgadain, by the hands of Eochaidh Mumho, the son of Moefeibhis, of therace of Heber Fionn. He was called Labhrainn because during his reign thestream of Tubher Labhrainn began to flow.
      Aongus Olmucach: his son; was the 20th Monarch. He was named for having abreed of swine of a much larger size than any in Ireland, the words "oll"and "mucca" signifying "great swine." He was a valiant and war-likeprince, and fought the following battles: the battle of Claire, thebattle of Moigen Cgiath, in Connaught; the battle of Glaise Fraochain,where Frachain Faiah was killed; and in his reign the Picts again refusedto pay the tribute imposed on them 250 years before, by Heremon, but thisMonarch went with a strong army into Alba and in thirty pitched battlesovercame them and forced them to pay the required tribute. Aongus was atlength slain by Eana, in the ba ttle of Carman, 1409 BC
      Main: his son; was kept out of he Monarchy by Eadna, of the line of HeberFionn. In his time silver shields were given as rewards for bravery tothe Irish militia.
      Rogheachach: his son; was the 22nd Monarch for 25 years; slain 1357 BC bySedne(Seadhna) of the Line of Ir at Rath Cuchain. Silver shields weremade, and four-horse chariots were first used in Ireland during hisreign.
      Dein: his son; was kept out of the Monarchy by his father's slayer, andhis son. In his time gentlemen and nobleman first wore gold chains roundtheir necks, as a sign of their birth; and golden helmets were given tobrave soldiers.
      Siorna "Saoghalach" (long life): his son; was the 34th Monarch whoreigned 21 years; he was slain (1030 BC) at Aillin, by Rotheachta, of theLine of Heber Fionn, who usurped the Monarchy, thereby excluding Siorna'sson, Olioll Aolcheoin, from the throne.
      Olioll Aolcheoin: son of Siorna Saoghalach.
      Gialchadh: his son; was the 37th Monarch for 9 years; killed by ArtImleach, of the Line of Heber Fionn, at Moighe Muadh (1013 BC)
      Nuadhas Fionnfail: his son; was the 39th Monarch for 21 years; slain bythe son of Art Imleach, Breasrioghacta (961 BC), his successor.
      Aedan Glas: his son. In his time the coast was infested with pirates; andthere occurred a dreadful plague (Apthach) which swept away most of theinhabitants.
      Simeon Breac: his son; was the 44th Monarch; he inhumanly caused hispredecessor to be torn asunder; but, after a reign of 6 years, he metwith a like death (903 BC),by order of Duach Fionn, son to the murderedking
      Muredach Bolgach: his son; was the 46th Monarch for 4 years; killed byEadhna Dearg (son of Duach Fionn) in 892 BC. Had following sons:
      Duach Teamhrach, who had following sons:
      Eochaidh Framhuine, 51st Monarch of Ireland
      Conang Beag-eaglach, 53rd Monarch of Ireland
      Riacha Tolgrach, who is described below
      Riacha (Feachus?) Tolgrach: son of Muredach; was the 55th Monarch for 5years. His life was ended by the sword of Oilioll Fionn of the line ofHeber Fionn, 795 BC
      Duach Ladhrach: his son; was the 59th Monarch for 10 years. He wasdistinguished by the name Duach Lagrach by reason of his being so strictand hasty in the execution of justice; that he was impatient and wouldnot admit of a moment's delay until the criminal was seized and tried forthe offense; the word, "Lagrach," means speed and suddenness. He waskilled by Lughaidh Laighe, son of Oilioll Fionn, 737 BC
      Eochaidh Buadhach: his son; was kept out of the Monarchy by his father'sslayer. In his time the kingdom was twice visited with a plague
      Ugaine More: his son. This Ugaine (Hugony) the Great was the 66th Monarchof Ireland for 40 years.
      Laeghaire Lorc, the 68thMonarch of Ireland: son of Ugaine Mor: began toreign, 593 BC.
      Olioll Aine: his son. Slain by Cobhthach Caolmbreag, lest he shoulddisturb his reign.
      Labhradh Longseach:his son. (This is around 250 B.C.)
      Olioll Bracan: his son.
      Aeneas Ollamh: his son; the 73rd Monarch for 18 years. He fell by thesword of Iaran Gleofathach
      Breassal: his son.
      Fergus Fortamhail: his son; the 80th Monarch. He was known by that namebecause he had great strength of body, and brave beyond any of his time.He reigned 12 years and was slain 384 BC in battle by Aongus Tuirmeach
      Felim Fortuin: his son.
      Crimthann Coscrach: his son; the 85th Monarch for 7 years. He wasdistinguished by that name because he behaved with such bravery at thehead of his army, that he was victorious in every battle he fought;"Cosgrach" signifies "slaughter" and "bloodshed" He was slain by Rogerus,the son of Sithrig.
      Mogh-Art: his son.
      Art: his son.
      Allod (Olioll): h is son.
      Nuadh Falaid: his son.
      Fearach Foghlas: his son.
      Olioll Glas: his son.
      Fiacha Fobrug: his son.
      Breassal Breac: his son. Had following sons between whom he divided hiscountry:
      Lughaidh, who is described below. He was the ancestor of the Kings,nobility, and gentry of Leinster. He inherited all the territories on thenorth side of the river Barrow, from Wicklow to Drogheda
      Conla. He was the ancestor of the Kings, nobility, and gentry of Ossory.He inherited the south part, from the Barrow to the sea
      Lughaidh (Luy): son of Breassal Breac
      Sedna: his son; built the royal city of Rath Alinne (now Allen inCo.Kildare)
      Nuadhas Neacht (Neass): his son; the 96th Monarch. The royal city of Naasis named after him. He was killed by the sword of Conaire, the son ofEidersgoil. Had the following sons:
      Fergus Fairge, who is described below
      Baoisgne, who was the father of Cubhall (Coole) who was the father ofFionn, commonly called "Finn MacCoole", the general in the 3rd century ofthe ancient Irish Militia known as the Fianna Eirionn, of "Fenians ofIreland"
      Fergus Fairge: his son.
      Ros: son of Fergus Fairge
      Fionn File (a poet): his son.
      Conchobhar Abhraoidhruaidh: his son; the 99th Monarch of Ireland for 1year. His name came from the fact that the hair of his eyebrows was red;the word "abrudhruadh" means "red eyebrows".
      Mogh Corb: his son."

      Ancient Irish Royalty by Richard Michael Finn
      Table 3: Ugaine Mor to Milesius of Spain
      Name: 1 2 3 4 5
      Milesius of Spain * * * * *
      Heremon * * * * *
      Irial Faidh * * * * *
      Ethrial * * * * *
      Foll-Aich * * * *
      Tigernmas * * * * *
      Enboath * * *
      Smiomghall * * *
      Fiacha Labhrainn * * * * *
      Aongus Olmucach * * * * *
      Main * * * * *
      Rotheachtach * * * * *
      Deman *
      Dein * * *
      Siorna Saoghalach * * * * *
      Olioll Aolcheoin * * * * *
      Gialchadh * * * * *
      Nuadhas Fionnfail ? ** * * * * *
      Aednas Glas * * * * *
      Simeon Breac * * * * *
      Muredach Bolgach * * * * *
      Fiacha Tolgrach * * * * *
      Duach Ladrach * * * * *
      Eochaidh Buadhach * * *
      Ugaine Mor * * * * *

      1. O'Hart's Irish Pedigrees
      2. History of Ireland
      3. Stokvis
      4. The Annals Of The Four Masters
      5. Ogygia
      Name 1 2 3 4 5
      Ugaine Mor * * * * *
      Cobhthach Caelbreagh * * * * *
      Melg Molbhthach * * * * *
      Iran Gleofathach * * * * *
      Conla Caomh * * * * *
      Oilioll Casfiachlach * * * * *
      Eochaidh Alteathan * * * * *
      Aongus Tuirmheach Teamhrach * * * * *
      Enna Aigneach * * * * *
      Labhradh Lorck * *
      Blathachta * *
      Assaman Eamhna * * *
      Roighen Ruadh * * *
      Fionnlogh * * * * *
      Fionn * * * *
      Eochaidh Feidlioch * * * * * *
      Fineamhnas (Bress-Nar-Lothar) * * *
      Lughaidh Sriabh Dearg * * * * *
      Crimthan Naidnar * * * * *

  • Sources 
    1. [S3540] Hamish Maclaren.