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Isaiah Case

Male 1794 - 1877  (83 years)

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Horace H. Case
Male 1820-1822
Minnie L. Gregg
Female 1866-1868
John B. Gregg
Male 1869-1937
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Lutie L. Gregg
Female 1872-1874
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Oliver C. Gregg
Male 1886-1969
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George Gregg
Male 1842-1942
Betsey G. Gregg
Female 1847-WFT Est 1873-1941
Edward T. Wilder
Male 1842-1914
Lucy L. Case
Female 1822-1912
John Gregg
Male 1819-1892
Herbert Edson Cline
Male 1870-WFT Est 1914-1962
Clatus Ross
Female 1876-WFT Est 1915-1971
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Effie Cline
Female 1874-WFT Est 1910-1969
Frank Ward
Male 1871-WFT Est 1910-1962
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Ellen L. Case
Female 1850-WFT Est 1878-1944
Charles Cline
Male 1847-WFT Est 1878-1938
May E. Pomroy
Female 1875-WFT Est 1910-1970
Clare J. Leroy
Male 1874-WFT Est 1910-1965
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Jennie E. Pomroy
Female 1877-WFT Est 1909-1971
Clarence C. Brown
Male 1874-WFT Est 1910-1965
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Daniel O. Pomroy
Male 1879-WFT Est 1918-1970
Hazel Stanley
Female 1889-WFT Est 1918-1983
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Elizabeth E. Pomroy
Female 1882-WFT Est 1883-1976
Emma L. Case
Female 1855-WFT Est 1885-1949
Oscar D. Pomroy
Male 1850-WFT Est 1885-1941
Carl C. Stump
Male 1880-1901
Vida M. Stump
Female 1883-WFT Est 1915-1977
Joseph Morrow
Male 1874-WFT Est 1916-1965
Hazel D. Stump
Female 1886-WFT Est 1912-1980
Adolph Hintz
Male 1886-WFT Est 1912-1977
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Ollie M. Stump
Male 1889-1891
Clyde S. Stump
Male 1891-WFT Est 1918-1982
Anna Mae McPholl
Female 1894-WFT Est 1918-1988
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Clarence Stump
Male 1897-WFT Est 1898-1987
Olive N. Case
Female 1861-WFT Est 1900-1956
Sabin Stump
Male 1857-WFT Est 1900-1949
Jonathan J. Case
Male 1824-1910
Ruth J. Bray
Female 1826-1904
Edward H. Culver
Male 1883-WFT Est 1884-1973
William R. Culver
Male 1887-WFT Est 1888-1977
Case Culver
Ione E. Culver
Elizabeth L. Case
Female 1864-WFT Est 1903-1959
Frederick Culver
Male 1863-WFT Est 1903-1954
Clara L. Case
Female 1894-WFT Est 1895-1988
Leon Case
Male 1896-WFT Est 1897-1986
William W. Case
Male 1866-WFT Est 1899-1957
Celia Stevenson
Female 1872-WFT Est 1900-1966
Rachel E. Higley
Female 1894-WFT Est 1921-1988
Harry W. Pickering
Male WFT Est 1869-1896-WFT Est 1920-1983
Ida B. Case
Female 1872-WFT Est 1904-1966
Elmer C. Higley
Male 1869-WFT Est 1905-1960
Watson W. Case
Male 1826-1911
Amelia Hitchcock
Female 1841-WFT Est 1875-1936
Don A. Case
Male 1878-WFT Est 1910-1969
Rose Cochran
Female 1880-WFT Est 1909-1974
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Edna Case
Female 1887-1906
Merton Watts
Male WFT Est 1859-1887-WFT Est 1909-1974
Lovisa Case
Female 1889-WFT Est 1912-1983
George Clohecy
Male 1882-WFT Est 1912-1973
Horace H. Case
Male 1855-WFT Est 1892-1946
Julia Reardon
Female 1853-WFT Est 1892-1948
Grace McLemale
Female 1890-WFT Est 1919-1984
William Clohecy
Male 1883-WFT Est 1918-1974
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Annice Case
Female 1861-WFT Est 1893-1955
William McLemale
Male 1860-WFT Est 1893-1951
Sidney Case
Male 1864-WFT Est 1865-1954
Jerome J. Case
Male 1828-1909
Lucina Dunham
Female 1832-WFT Est 1867-1927
Walter A. Case
Male 1872-WFT Est 1873-1962
Florence J. Enwright
Female 1895-WFT Est 1896-1989
Lottie R. Case
Female 1873-WFT Est 1911-1968
T. D. Enwright
Male 1862-1900
Clarence Blythe
Male 1869-WFT Est 1911-1960
Andrew A. Case
Male 1831-1900
Sophronia Blanchard
Female Abt 1843-WFT Est 1876-1939
Alice Case
Female 1865-WFT Est 1911-1960
Will Allen
Male 1866-WFT Est 1911-1958
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Effie Case
Female 1868-WFT Est 1914-1963
Frank Mills
Male WFT Est 1853-1887-WFT Est 1914-1971
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Nancy Case
Female 1834-1900
Billings H. Case
Male 1831-1894
Isaiah I. Case
Male 1832-WFT Est 1876-1924
Rachel Reed
Female 1797-1882
Marion Case
Male 1885-WFT Est 1917-1976
Elsie McKechnie
Female 1886-WFT Est 1917-1980
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Bertha Case
Female 1887-WFT Est 1916-1981
H. C. Burgess
Male 1883-WFT Est 1916-1974
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Clarence Case
Male 1891-WFT Est 1919-1982
Laura Depew
Female 1892-WFT Est 1919-1986
Edson Case, Jr.
Male 1899-WFT Est 1900-1989
Edson T. Case
Male 1865-WFT Est 1902-1956
Cora Worthy
Female 1866-WFT Est 1902-1961
Mary Totman
Female 1838-1865
Marcia Baker
Female 1842-1871
Phebe Douglass
Female 1849-1935
Charles A. Canfield
Male 1861-WFT Est 1862-1951
Vilroy Canfield
Male 1892-WFT Est 1893-1982
Jewett J. Canfield
Male 1867-WFT Est 1906-1958
Adella Priest
Female 1867-WFT Est 1906-1962
Harold Canfield
Male 1894-WFT Est 1895-1984
Ruth Canfield
Female private-
Lewis D. Canfield
Male 1869-WFT Est 1903-1960
Ida Cooley
Female 1875-WFT Est 1904-1969
Imogene Marks
Female private-
Lucilla Marks
Female private-
Grace Marks
Female 1911-1912
Grace B. Canfield
Female 1878-WFT Est 1914-1973
Frank Marks
Male 1877-WFT Est 1914-1968
Louisa L. Case
Female 1837-WFT Est 1880-1932
Calvin Canfield
Male 1834-1910
Charlotte A. Codding
Female 1864-WFT Est 1865-1958
Carrie Wicks
Female private-
Mabel F. Wicks
Female private-
Marcia Codding
Female 1869-WFT Est 1907-1964
Frank Wicks
Male 1864-WFT Est 1907-1956
Henry M. Norton
Male 1890-WFT Est 1920-1981
Ruth Thomas
Female 1890-WFT Est 1919-1984
Grace L. Norton
Female 1894-WFT Est 1895-1988
Bert C. Norton
Male 1896-WFT Est 1897-1986
Frances Codding
Female 1872-WFT Est 1900-1966
Bert H. Codding
Male 1876-WFT Est 1913-1967
Irene Appleton
Female 1877-WFT Est 1913-1972
Caroline C. Case
Female 1839-1893
Henry Codding
Male 1837-1893
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Isaiah Case
Male 1794-1877
Rachel Reed
Female 1797-1882