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Penelope Mackinnon

Female - 1740

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Penelope Mackinnon (daughter of John Og Mackinnon and Margaret (of Uilinish) Macleod); died in Jun 1740.

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  John Og Mackinnon (son of John Dubh (17Th Chief) Mackinnon of Mackinnon and Penelope (of Stonyhill) Sharp).

    John married Margaret (of Uilinish) Macleod on 12 Aug 1727. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Margaret (of Uilinish) Macleod (daughter of Roderick (1st of Uilinish) Macleod and Margaret (of Talisker) Macleod).
    1. 1. Penelope Mackinnon died in Jun 1740.
    2. Helen Mackinnon
    3. Margaret Mackinnon
    4. Florence Mackinnon died in 1820.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  John Dubh (17Th Chief) Mackinnon of Mackinnon was born in 1682 (son of John Mackinnon and Margaret (of Castleton) Macdonald).

    John married Penelope (of Stonyhill) Sharp. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  Penelope (of Stonyhill) Sharp (daughter of Sir William (of Stonyhill) Sharp).
    1. 2. John Og Mackinnon

  3. 6.  Roderick (1st of Uilinish) Macleod (son of Donald (1st of Grishornish) Macleod and Margaret (of Foyers) Fraser).

    Roderick married Margaret (of Talisker) Macleod. [Group Sheet]

  4. 7.  Margaret (of Talisker) Macleod (daughter of John (2nd of Talisker) Macleod and Janet (of Greshornish) Macleod).
    1. 3. Margaret (of Uilinish) Macleod
    2. Alexander (of Uilinish) Macleod
    3. Donald (2nd of Uilinish) Macleod was born in 1689; died after 1747.

Generation: 4

  1. 8.  John Mackinnon was born in 1662 (son of Lauchlan Mor (16th Chief) Mackinnon of Mackinnon and Mary (of Duart) Maclean).

    John married Margaret (of Castleton) Macdonald. [Group Sheet]

  2. 9.  Margaret (of Castleton) Macdonald (daughter of Donald John (1st of Castleton) Macdonald and Margaret (of Lochiel) Cameron).
    1. 4. John Dubh (17Th Chief) Mackinnon of Mackinnon was born in 1682.

  3. 10.  Sir William (of Stonyhill) Sharp (son of James (Rev) (of Crail) Sharp).
    1. 5. Penelope (of Stonyhill) Sharp

  4. 12.  Donald (1st of Grishornish) Macleod was born about 1619 (son of Roderick Ruairidh Mor (Sir) 15th Chief Macleod and Isabell (of Glengarry) Macdonald); died about 1706.

    Donald married Margaret (of Foyers) Fraser. [Group Sheet]

  5. 13.  Margaret (of Foyers) Fraser (daughter of Hugh (4th of Foyers) Fraser and Margaret Mackenzie).
    1. Norman (2nd of Grishornish) Macleod
    2. William (of Claigainn) Macleod
    3. 6. Roderick (1st of Uilinish) Macleod
    4. John (Captain) Macleod
    5. Marion Macleod

  6. 14.  John (2nd of Talisker) Macleod (son of Roderick Rory (Sir) (1st of Tallisker) Macleod and Mary Mackinnon).

    John married Janet (of Greshornish) Macleod. [Group Sheet]

  7. 15.  Janet (of Greshornish) Macleod (daughter of Alexander (of Greshornish & Talisker) Macleod and Mary Macqueen).
    1. 7. Margaret (of Talisker) Macleod
    2. Donald (3rd of Talisker) Macleod