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Alastair (11th of Glengarry) Macdonell

Male - 1721

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Alastair (11th of Glengarry) Macdonell (son of Reginald Or Ranald (10Th of Glengarry) Macdonell and Flora (of Drynoch) Macleod); died on 28 Oct 1721.

    Alastair married Anne (Hon of Lovat) Fraser. Anne (daughter of Hugh (8th Lord Lovat) Fraser and Anne (of Tarbet) Mackenzie) died in Oct 1684. [Group Sheet]

    1. Anne Macdonald

    Alastair married Mary (of Seaforth) Mackenzie. Mary (daughter of Kenneth (3rd Earl of Seaforth) Mackenzie and Isabel (of Tarbet) Mackenzie) died in Jan 1725/26. [Group Sheet]

    1. Donald Macdonell
    2. Randulf Dr (of Kyllas) Macdonell
    3. Alexander Macdonell
    4. Isobell Macdonell
    5. John\Ian (12th of Glengarry) Macdonell died on 1 Sep 1754.

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Reginald Or Ranald (10Th of Glengarry) Macdonell (son of Donald Gorm (1st of Scotus) Macdonell and Mary (of Sleat) Macdonald).

    Reginald married Flora (of Drynoch) Macleod. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Flora (of Drynoch) Macleod (daughter of John (2nd of Drynoch) Macleod and Catherne Campbell).
    1. Mary (of Glengarry) Macdonell
    2. 1. Alastair (11th of Glengarry) Macdonell died on 28 Oct 1721.
    3. Angus (3rd of Scotus) Macdonell
    4. John Macdonell
    5. Donald Macdonald died on 27 Jul 1689 in Battle Of Killicrankie.
    6. Archibald Macdonald

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  Donald Gorm (1st of Scotus) Macdonell (son of Donald (8Th of Glengarry ) Macdonald and Margaret (of Clanranald) Macdonald).

    Donald married Mary (of Sleat) Macdonald. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  Mary (of Sleat) Macdonald (daughter of Sir James (2nd Bt, 9th of Sleat) Macdonald and Mary Macleod).
    1. 2. Reginald Or Ranald (10Th of Glengarry) Macdonell

  3. 6.  John (2nd of Drynoch) Macleod (son of Donald (1st of Drynoch) Macleod); died in 1688.

    John married Catherne Campbell. [Group Sheet]

  4. 7.  Catherne Campbell
    1. 3. Flora (of Drynoch) Macleod
    2. Daughter of (of Drynoch) Macleod
    3. Alexander (3rd of Drynoch) Macleod
    4. Margaret (of Drynoch) Macleod
    5. Catherine (of Drynoch) Macleod

Generation: 4

  1. 8.  Donald (8Th of Glengarry ) Macdonald (son of Angus Macalister (7Th of Glengarry) Macdonald and Janet (of Duart) Maclean); died on 2 Feb 1644/45.

    Donald married Margaret (of Clanranald) Macdonald. [Group Sheet]

  2. 9.  Margaret (of Clanranald) Macdonald (daughter of Allan (9Th Chief of Clan Ranald) Macdonald and Margaret (of Dunvegan) Macleod).
    1. Alastair Dearg Macdonald
    2. 4. Donald Gorm (1st of Scotus) Macdonell
    3. John Mor (1st of Ardnabie) Macdonell died in 1654.
    4. John Og (1st of Leek) Macdonell
    5. Alastair Mor Macdonell
    6. Margaret Macdonald
    7. Katherine Macdonald
    8. Janet (of Glengarry) Macdonald
    9. Isabell (of Glengarry) Macdonald

  3. 10.  Sir James (2nd Bt, 9th of Sleat) Macdonald was born in 1605 (son of Sir Donald Gorm Og (1st Bt of Sleat) Macdonald and Janet (of Kintail) Mackenzie); died on 8 Dec 1678.

    James married Mary Macleod. [Group Sheet]

  4. 11.  Mary Macleod (daughter of Ian (John) Mor 16th Chief Macleod and Sibyl (of Kintail) Mackenzie).
    1. John (of Brakney) Macdonald
    2. 5. Mary (of Sleat) Macdonald

  5. 12.  Donald (1st of Drynoch) Macleod (son of Alexander (1st of Liosail) Macleod and Margaret Mackinnon).
    1. 6. John (2nd of Drynoch) Macleod died in 1688.